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If you have a high school junior applying to colleges in 2023…

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the college applications coming up for your teen this fall?
  • Are you questioning whether your teen really knows their personal story and how it impacts their ability to share it in a compelling way?
  • Are you worried that there are things your teen should be doing NOW but you’re not sure what they are or when they should be done?

Then College Prepalooza Bootcamp is for your teen!

July 25-27
August 15-17 ​

Before starting this essay boostcamp, I didn't know what to write about for my application essay. The boostcamp helped me to think deeply on my experiences to show myself for who I am when I’m writing. I would recommend this boostcamp because it is a friendly environment - everyone is supportive and won't judge so I was comfortable sharing my ideas.
I was nervous to talk about college, because I hadn't thought about the essay portion. After attending the essay boostcamp, I feel more comfortable with the process. I would recommend this bootcamp because it is beneficial to anyone that is stressed out about applying to college.
I had no clue about what to write about for my Common Application personal statement. The boostcamp allowed me to get more comfortable with the essay prompts and college admissions in general. As a result of this boostcamp, when looking at different prompts, I will give them all a shot and not rule any out right away.

Why College Prepalooza Bootcamp?

This family experience includes a 3-day virtual program for teens and a Parent’s night out on Day 1.

3 Day Virtual Event

Save $400 - Early Bird Registration

Attend the live 3-day course, Parent Night out and senior year Booster session.

There are key benefits for the teen and parents.

For Teens (3 day experience):

  • Unique hands-on approach to writing college essays, based on Dr. Pamela’s high school writing program developed at Stanford University and visits to 500+ college campuses
  • Supportive, personalized attention in a small group limited to 12 students
  • Find your story that will give you the “hook” to write a winning essay
  • Finalize your best fit college list to increase your chances of getting in and getting money
  • Return to campus this fall with a COMPLETED ESSAY

For Parents (Night Out on Day 1):

  • You know that your teen will hear this differently if you told them how they should write their college essays, so having a trusted “third party” expert guide your teen to get done something that they will do less successfully on their own, will give you a peace of mind
  • Increase communication between you and your teen,
  • Foster the process of your student owning this process, shifting into the next stage of their life and developing realistic expectations about college
  • Get your questions answered sooner about financial aid and how to avoid overpaying for college

Here’s what we will cover during our time together in College Prepalooza Bootcamp:

Day 1 – 2 to 5 pm ET:

  • Exploring Who You Are
    • Demystify the Application
    • Overview of college list and how it fits or not
    • Intro – Telling your story

Day 2 – 2 to 5 pm ET:

  • Discovering Your Voice
    • Write an Activities Resume that highlights your strengths and hides any signs of lack of involvement  
    • Understand the role of recommendations and who should write them
    • What’s your story and how to tell it

Day 3 – 2 to 5 pm ET:

  • Polishing Your Story
    • Finalize the topic and themes in your application portfolio
    • Reflect on the authenticity and truth in your story, i.e. does this really sound like you
    • One-to-one session with Dr. Pamela to develop your next-step action plan for the fall 
  • Parent Night Out – July 24 -or- Aug 14 @ 8 pm ET
    • What to expect during senior year
    • Steps to take to avoid overpaying for college
    • Do’s, don’t’s and must-haves for your teen to get in and get scholarships
    • How to get money even when you make “too much” money

Booster Session – January 14, 2024 @  2 pm ET:

  • Getting over the hump in senior year
    • Overview waitlist and/or deferred strategies
    • Learn how to interpret award letters
    • Reconnect with community of fellow seniors   

We will fill in any gaps between where you and your teen are today and where you all  aspire to be in senior year!

Here’s what teens will leave with after their experience at College Prepalooza Bootcamp:

  • A best-fit college list to apply confidence and assurance to have no regrets about where you should have applied
  • A step-by-step plan for when to apply in senior year and how to tell your story in a compelling way to stand out among thousands of other applicants
  • Comprehensive materials to guide additional essay writing and get through writing anxiety and  mental blocks on what to say
  • More confidence and less stress about college applications once you start senior year, knowing that you didn’t waste the time you had during this crisis.
  • A completed college application essay to proudly submit in the Fall
What our students say
The boostcamp motivated me a lot, knowing that there were other students learning about the college application process along with me. If I hadn't attended the boostcamp, I honestly would be stuck on what/how to respond to the essay prompts. It also helped me to start writing a draft and to explore the many different topics that I could write about.
Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. Be ahead of the game. Be yourself in your essays. Those are things that I learned and plan to implement into my college application process.
Before I attended the boostcamp, I had lots of concerns: What are the essay prompts comprised of? What do I need to know to complete them? How will the CommonApp be factored into my applications? After attending the boostcamp, I now have a more pointed idea of how to write my essays, and I can confidently go about writing my essay.
What our parents say
Working with Dr. Pamela helped our son to organize his essay-related tasks, and allowed him to take responsibility for his deadlines. Introspection is not always easy for a teenager, and we were very happy about how well his essays reflected his personality. He wrote on topics that meant something to him, allowing his voice to be heard and his viewpoints to be clearly expressed. Thanks again!
Sue and Jeff W
At a time when the college selection process is extremely demanding and can be very stressful for everyone involved, it is refreshing to have a guide who knows the ropes and brings a personal touch to the process.
Carmen and Ira W
Carmen and Ira W
Proud Parents
Dr. Ellis’ College Essay Workshop is a great stepping stone to the admissions process. The skills and tips she provides allowed our son to prepare his essays with confidence.
Patti B

3 Day Virtual Event:

Save $400 - Early Bird Registration

Attend the live 3-day course, Parent Night out and senior year Booster session.

Join other creative, innovative and enterprising families like yours and see the difference

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#1 essay strategy for selective colleges

How essays lead to more scholarship money

What is the #1 skill your teen needs for overcoming writing anxiety

Which major(s) makes sense for your teen

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3 Day Virtual Event

Save $400 - Early Bird Registration

Attend the live 3-day course, Parent Night out and senior year Booster session.

Allow me to introduce myself…

Meet Dr. Pamela Ellis, The Education Doctor®

I’m Pamela Ellis, an award-winning educator and author who’s visited over 500 campuses.

After finishing my BA degree at Stanford, I earned an MBA from Dartmouth and received my PhD from the Stanford University School of Education. I’m a mom of three – two boys and a girl. My oldest attends Georgetown. My middle son attends Stanford and I have a daughter in high school, so I’ve been through this process with my own children along with hundreds of teens like yours.

Over the past five years, 95% of my students have been admitted to their top choice colleges and they’ve received an average of $75,000 in scholarships.

Jumpstart your college experience with this event with Dr. Pamela Ellis, The Education Doctor®. Reduce anxiety, increase communication between you and your teen, foster the process of your student shifting into the next stage of their life and develop realistic expectations about college.