Dr. Pamela

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

– John Dewey

Why I’m A Great Fit To Partner With Your Family

I founded Compass College Advisory because it felt good to do so. It’s truly my calling.

When we meet, you’ll discover my two passions:

1. Learning
2. Helping kids thrive into successful, happy adults

I’ve been in education long enough to know that it can fuel or fizzle a spirit that wants to go to college to create a successful career and life. Competition, application essays, tuition…can easily get overwhelming to a high school student and their family.

It’s painful to see students get overwhelmed and lose steam…or not take a stand for their skills and talents. With proper guidance, the whole process can be exciting and FUN! I want to help your teen to feel enthused and supported.

What drives my passions?

Practicality, dedication and insight.

I’m here to help you step-by-step with a plan that makes sense for your teen’s dreams. We’ll take that plan and I’ll support your teen to getting to their goal (and finding ways to pay for it).

You’ll get over 2 decades of experience in education and finance by your side, committed to inspiring and guiding you.

Let’s Get Started!

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Let’s find the school where your child can thrive.

Scholarships Earned By Our Students Since 2010

$17.5 Million


Dr. Pamela has visited over 300 of the top-rated universities and colleges around the world. She is deeply in tune with the academic expectations, social opportunities, and culture for each university and is skilled to help you make the perfect match for your teen.

If you’re ready to find the best fit for your teen’s educational needs, get in touch with Dr. Pamela today by clicking here.

Dr. Pamela’s Experience: The Bio

In her more than 20 years working in education research and as a financial executive in the private sector, Pamela Ellis—The Education Doctor® has emerged as a leading authority on what it takes for students to thrive in education and, thereby, in life.

She is here to help you find the school where your child can thrive—the one that feels like home.

Dr. Pamela’s experience in education includes advising K-12 school districts, colleges/universities, and community-based organizations, which have helped numerous students transition, succeed on many levels and thrive in life.

Dr. Pamela developed “The Education Doctor®” curriculum through her research on transition and retention. She first piloted the program in East Palo Alto, California through a high school writing program. She brings her base of research knowledge and client service excellence to families so that they can be strategic and intentional about education.

Dr. Pamela is a graduate of Stanford University and The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. Her doctorate was granted from the Stanford University School of Education.


Did you know…

For the 2015–16 academic year, the average annual price for undergraduate tuition, fees, room, and board was $16,757 at public institutions, $43,065 at private nonprofit institutions, and $23,776 at private for-profit institutions. Charges for tuition and required fees averaged $6,613 at public institutions, $31,411 at private nonprofit institutions, and $14,195 at private for-profit institutions (source).

Understanding which school suits your child best, plus taking into consideration his or her talents, skillsets and interests, we can find scholarships, grants and other opportunities to make attending and affording college a smooth process.