College Planning For Your Team

Employer-Sponsored Programs

Help Your Employees Build Their Legacy

Do you have employees with children who will attend college?

A high-leverage, timeless way to build loyalty with your employees is to offer support for them to help their kids with college.

By giving your team an edge with understanding the college process and being able to plan accordingly for this major financial investment, your employees gain peace of mind. The stress and time-consuming distraction of worrying about college fades –so their productivity increases.

Plus, you have a great offer to attract new talent and increase your ROI on your employees!

How The Education Doctor® Program Works

Our team of experienced counselors brings insider perspective to support your employees with getting the best educational outcomes for their investment. Our insight is based on children/adolescent research and guided by our comprehensive curriculum.

The program can be customized to fit your company’s budget, corporate goals, and/or organizational profile.

Core Programming

  • School success in transition (families with relocating K -12th graders )
  • Middle school matters (families with 3rd – 8th graders)
  • Thriving in high school (families with 9th and 10th graders)
  • Applying to Get In! (families with 11th and 12th graders)
  • Paying for college (families with 7th – 12th graders)

Program Delivery

Our program is delivered through a variety of methods:

  • Workplace events (i.e. “lunch and learn”) that deliver 60-90 minutes of content and Q&A in group setting – includes registration
  • Personalized advisory assistance through in-person meetings, phone, and on-line meetings
  • Live webinar series to reach dispersed staff – includes registration
  • On-demand offerings, such as recorded videos, webinars, resource publications, and FAQs for employees to review at home with their families

We’re proud to have supported these businesses who value their employees and membership:

Dayton Children’s Hospital

Huntington Bank

Lexis Nexis



Stanford Alumni Association

Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College