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  • Dr. Pamela’s constant encouragement and advice helped guide me through my high school years!

    Lauren H
    Lauren H Tufts University
  • Dr. Pamela was really a blessing to work with. She provided calm, organization and encouragement

    Austin J
    Austin J Princeton University
  • I found Dr. Pamela to be approachable, personable, humorous, encouraging, and direct. She goes above and beyond

    Gabby W
    Gabby W Harvard College
  • At a time when the college selection process is extremely demanding and can be very stressful for everyone involved, it is refreshing to have a guide who knows the ropes and brings a personal touch to the process.

    Carmen and Ira W
    Carmen and Ira W Proud Parents
  • When I first started the process I did not really know where to begin, but thankfully Dr. Ellis laid out a “roadmap” for me that had key due dates for apps and was my lifeline for getting all of my apps in on time.

    Ben C
    Ben C Denison University

Praise from Parents

  • We were very pleased that our son got the chance to work with Dr. Pamela!  Working with Dr. Pamela helped him organize his essay-related tasks, and allowed him to take responsibility for his deadlines. Introspection is not always easy for a teenager, and we were very happy about  how well his essays reflected his personality.  He wrote on topics that meant something to him, allowing his voice to be heard and his viewpoints to be clearly expressed. Thanks again!

    Sue and Jeff W Parents
  • Compass helped us navigate the overwhelming variety of choices for our two children, finding schools that fit their individual ambitions and learning styles. The investment was small compared to the payback of having a motivated student in the right learning environment.

    Stasia and Chris S Parents
  • Working with Dr. Pamela Ellis has been invaluable to our son’s college application experience. We would say there are 3 key advantages to her service: 1 - She has been instrumental in identifying and helping our son acquire merit-based scholarships that we were unaware of; 2 - her assistance in the college application and essay process gave our son a competitive advantage which helped him with acceptance into top colleges; 3 - very important to us was that she helped to diffuse the parent/child tension that can develop throughout the college application and especially the college essay process. We feel strongly that our family hit the jackpot for sure--best investment we ever made! Thank you, Dr. Pamela!

    Marti and Bill C
    Marti and Bill C Parents
  • We appreciate that Dr. Pamela’s expertise goes beyond the typical college path and encompasses a thorough knowledge of educational alternatives for student’s who find themselves on unique paths. When it became apparent that our son’s next stop after high school was not necessarily going to be college, Pamela led us to the GAP year option. She invested time discovering what we wanted out of a GAP year and then identified programs that met our needs. Honestly, we knew so little about GAP years and all the incredible options available, Pamela was critical in doing the “leg work” in finding just the right fit. She found a program that was structured, academic and unique in it’s approach. Our son had the opportunity to travel to six countries over 7 months. In each country, he worked, studied,  lived with families, explored and developed a deeper understanding of himself, his place in the world and the direction in which he will take his life. The GAP year was a profound experience. Our son is in a much better place to maximize his college experience and be intentional and purposeful with his education. Thank you, Pamela for presenting the GAP year option and then helping us discover an incredible program that changed our son’s life.

    Jane and John W Parents
  • Dr. Pamela’s relevant expertise, organizational skills and interpersonal connections with us have met or surpassed our expectations. Just as importantly, our daughter has enjoyed her interactions with Dr. Pamela and considers her to be a trusted confidante. It has been helpful to have an advocate who has personally visited dozens of colleges across the country and had first-hand conversations with admission officers. Rather than solely depend on dated information from an assortment of books or on unreliable internet postings, Dr. Pamela shares credible intelligence she has gathered on her ongoing school visit itinerary. For us, she has mapped out a 30 month roadmap that is designed to balance the application-related events (securing recommendations from teachers, selecting appropriate summer programs, etc) with the demands of our daughter’s existing commitments inside and outside the classroom. At a time when the college selection process is extremely demanding and can be very stressful for everyone involved, it is refreshing to have a guide who knows the ropes and brings a personal touch to the process. Dr. Pamela brings a level of calmness and encouragement to every conversation with us as parents and to her direct conversations with our daughter. We have never felt that Dr. Pamela was focused on any student other than our daughter, and this is a testament to her professionalism and her level of preparedness for every conversation we have with her.

    Carmen and Ira W Parents
  • Being a graduate of a top university myself and a career woman, I thought sure I’d be able to handle all of my son’s college application process. I also had not heard about college consulting until I was thumbing through my alumni magazine one day and saw one advertised.  Since my son was already in the first semester of his senior year, I thought it was too late to get help. Given my favorite motto “it’s not over until it’s over”, we sought out and contacted Dr. Pamela. She made time in her busy schedule to work with my son, providing guidance on the college application process. She also recommended other colleges for consideration which we had not previously considered.  It was great having someone to turn to when we had questions.  The assistance she provided was invaluable.  My son often said that it would have been wonderful if we had known about Dr. Pamela earlier in his high school career. We were all very grateful that we met her when we did. She is very knowledgeable of colleges, the factors to consider for selecting a college which is a good fit for your student, and the application process. Dr. Pamela is very patient and will hang in there with you and provide wisdom and inspiration.

    Janet and Larry J Parents
  • Dr. Ellis instills confidence with her council of students by allowing them to have an active part in guiding their own path. This attribute to her council is key when the arduous task of applying for college presents itself. During a time when parents would prefer to enjoy quality time and conversations with their college bound children, Dr. Ellis provides a unique gift of taking the stress out of the application process. This is accomplished through her essay writing workshops, tailoring the application to the student, and applying her talents to find the best “fit” for your child. Our family has personally experienced this wonderful outpouring of knowledge and professionalism when Dr. Ellis guided our daughter to an academic camp where she was immersed in three subjects of her choice, accompanied with an emphasis on study skills. The success was apparent not only in her high marks and praise of her teachers, but also by the confidence she exudes as she embarks on her junior year of high school.

    Stacey and John M Parents
  • Dr. Pamela’s insight and experience were invaluable to our daughter’s college search.  Because of Dr. Pamela’s ability to direct teens in a professional and intelligent manner, our daughter was able to narrow down her choices and stick to a time line.  It was a wonderful experience, rather than a stressful one!  We would highly recommend Dr. Pamela’s services and direction for any family!

    Patti and Lee S Parents
  • When our granddaughter started the college process, we did not have full knowledge of the process for entering college. We decided that we needed help and guidance. After talking with a friend who had gone through the process successfully with Dr. Ellis, we decided that she had the skills that we were seeking. We are very impressed with Dr. Ellis, her company, and what they have provided for our granddaughter. With Dr. Ellis’ advice and encouragement, she was able to get the guidance, knowledge and support necessary to achieve her desire of getting into St. Mary’s College of California. Dr. Ellis was and continues to be a pleasure to work with and a large help to her, her parents and grandparents.

    Phyllis and Walter B
  • The Compass College Advisory Center provided my son with excellent resources to make informative choices about the colleges he was considering. The informational and guidance sessions with Dr. Ellis, helped him to be organized and to write the required essays in a timely manner. Also, the sessions regarding finances and FAFSA were insightful and beneficial. Deciding and making choices about perspective colleges can be a very stressful period for a parent. But with the Compass College Advisory Center, my experience was the complete opposite. Dr. Ellis, thank you for your expertise.

    Regina C Parents
  • Dr. Pamela is absolutely amazing at helping parents create and implement a strategy for their children’s educational goals.

    Nikki and Arnett K Parents
  • As an educational consultant Dr. Pamela closes the gap with answers in what you and your kids are missing: be it a question concerning the college process, a selective academic summer camp or a well fitting boarding school for your kid. With her expertise she supports parents and their kids from preschool to college and understands how to get kids involved by tutoring to all their academic needs. Dr. Pamela professionally helped my son to review his college essays for Stanford University. She did an outstanding job. I can recommend her to anyone who is looking for skilled guidance and I am certain, I will contact Dr. Pamela in the future for any advice related to my daughter’s education.

    Gudrun C Parents
  • My niece was having a difficult time with her college preparation and application activities. She had all of the right questions, but her school only offered a minimal amount of assistance and guidance in this area. Dr. Pamela was a blessing. She was able to help with applications, college selection, internships, essay writing and much more. It’s apparent that she loves what she does and is very knowledgeable in this area. Her guidance would be helpful to high school students, adults going back to school or anyone who is interested in further education.

    Sadie T Parents
  • The Education Doctor Newsletter provides a wealth of information in a clear, easily read format for parents with students of all ages.  In a few minutes, I can review the timely topics covered on Dr. Pamela’s radio show (with links to the podcast), take a quick look at featured colleges and summer programs all over the country, and acquire bits of wisdom tailored specifically toward supporting my middle and high schoolers.  I have found that the newsletter consistently covers issues that are meaningful to me–reading it is always a rewarding use of my time!

    Jill D Parents
  • Dr. Ellis’ College Essay Workshop is a great stepping stone to the admissions process.  The skills and tips she provides allowed our son to prepare his essays with confidence.

    Patti B Parents
  • You really helped me to see a pathway through this maze of information. Also, you put my mind to ease about the process. I am very grateful that you share your passion with such grace, comfort, and enthusiasm.

    Terry B Parents

Praise from Students

  • I would not have made it through the college applications process as well as I did and efficiently as I did without Dr. Pamela Ellis. When I first started the process I did not really know where to begin, but thankfully Dr. Ellis laid out a “roadmap” for me that had key due dates for apps and was my lifeline for getting all of my apps in on time. With her wise and creative mind, Dr. Ellis gave me great ideas for essays and improved my writing skills tremendously. I had not even heard of the college I am attending (Denison) at the start of this journey. I am so grateful Dr. Ellis introduced me to this great little college because I now do believe there is a perfect fit college for everyone.

    Ben C
    Ben C Denison University
  • Dr. Pamela’s constant encouragement and advice helped guide me through my high school years! She encouraged me to apply to several educational programs over the summer to provide unique and interesting learning opportunities.  Specifically, the Phillips Exeter Summer School was a really great experience and it really prepared me for college life! During the college application process, Dr. Pamela was always available if I had questions and she helped me brainstorm and critique my essays. My decision to apply ED to Tufts University was an important one, and Dr. Pamela’s support was very important during that time.  Dr. Pamela is very invested in each of her students as she attended several of my orchestra concerts in Cleveland! Thank you for everything Dr. Pamela!

    Lauren H
    Lauren H Tufts University
  • Throughout my junior and senior year Dr. Pamela really helped me to navigate the college application process. I had no idea where to even start. She helped organize tutoring for the ACT and SAT and helped me schedule the test dates. From there we started to investigate where I might want to spend the next chapter of my life. When it came time for me to start the applications, Dr. Pamela really helped me tackle the many essays I had to write. We sat down and talked through my essays and collaboratively made them much better. Not only was Dr. Pamela an amazing help but I LOVED getting to know her. We developed a great relationship that I plan to keep up. I actually looked forward to hanging out (our meetings). She really is the greatest. I love you Dr. P!!!

    Molly W
    Molly W University of Denver
  • The college planning and application process was undoubtedly one of the most stressful and high stakes times in my life. Dr. Pamela was really a blessing to work with. She provided calm, organization and encouragement. Dr. Pamela helped me finalize my list of colleges to apply to, selecting ones that would be good all around matches.  During the application process, she guided me through my essays so I could transform my rough ideas into unique narratives that would stand out among thousands of applications. She also helped me to see all the various essays and questions in each application as a package, which helped me craft a strong overall message. Through this, “Austin” would be able to come alive to admissions officers from the words and sentences on the application. When I got stuck, as I often did, Dr. Pamela was always there to calmly help me through it while providing encouragement. Dr. Pamela truly cares about helping her students succeed in and after the college admissions process. I feel very fortunate to have worked with Dr. Pamela through the admissions process. I’m not quite sure what I would have done without her. Thanks for everything Dr. Pamela!

    Austin J
    Austin J Princeton University
  • Working with Dr. Pamela has been an extremely positive process! I wasn’t sure how to give colleges an idea of myself or my experiences on paper, or how my numbers would “stack up”. Dr. Pamela worked with me to find the colleges I thought would be a good fit. Her genuine interest in getting to know me showed when we edited my essays. Her guidance and answers to questions I had helped me build confidence in my decisions and applications. Not only has working with Dr. Pamela been beneficial through the past months, it has also shown me more about myself and my aspirations.

    Mae R
    Mae R University of Notre Dame
  • The Compass College Advisory Center was a tremendous help to me. It provided a college portal, which allowed me to review information about numerous colleges throughout the country. The one on one sessions were of great value to me. I received the encouragement and support that gave me the confidence that I needed to complete the college application process from the beginning to the end.

    Clement C
    Clement C University of Cincinnati
  • . . .One of the things that makes Dr. Pamela uniquely excellent is her expertise on how colleges evaluate applicants, as well as the nuanced distinctions between colleges. She’s open-minded about different schools, but she offers specific, candid guidance that is influenced by her own visits . . . . I highly recommend Dr. Pamela because of her effort to develop a strong personal relationship with you. I found her to be approachable, personable, humorous, encouraging, and direct. She goes above and beyond, and she offers wisdom in all areas of life – not just academic – which made me view her as a mentor and a friend. I know that, without a doubt, Dr. Pamela was an integral part of my surviving the college application process and finding the best school for my undergraduate academic career

    Gabby W
    Gabby W Harvard College
  • Working with Dr. Pamela was the best decision I made about preparing for college! The college application process can be stressful but Dr. Pamela helped me through it step by step. She helped me professionalize my essays without bulldozing my ideas to help me find my dream college. The college process seemed impossible, but with Dr. Pamela it was achievable because of her expertise with the process and extensive knowledge of colleges all over the country. She made the college process bearable for me. Now I’m at Rhodes, a school I love. I highly recommend her services, including for finding gap year experiences, which she assisted me with as well.

    Tori L
    Tori L Tiffin University
  • Dr. Ellis not only guided me towards writing a unique and personal college essay, she also helped me learn more about myself. The entire college process is rough, but with the help and counsel of Dr. Ellis, I was able to feel confident during interviews, have a solid personal essay, and an organized resume.

    Daisy B
    Daisy B Middlebury College
  • If not for Dr. Ellis, I would have been lost in a sea of information. Her help was incredibly useful and I do not know what I would have done without it. Thank you so much, Dr. Ellis!

    Robbie W.
    Robbie W. Vanderbilt University
  • As a very unsure writer, the college application process seemed daunting. Thankfully, Dr. Ellis was always there to help me through the writing process. Especially near deadlines, she made herself available to me even if she was not in town. We talked over every essay before and after it was written. Dr. Ellis was amazing at guiding me to a good idea for an essay, too. Dr. Ellis was an invaluable resource and helped me talk through my school options to choose the best fit. I could not be happier at Wake Forest and am sure I made the right decision! Thanks to Dr. Ellis the college process went much smoother than it would have on my own.

    Matthew C
    Matthew C Wake Forest University
  • I really enjoyed and benefited tremendously from working with Dr. Pamela. She has been a huge help to me as well as my parents along the way. Dr. Pamela was able to open our eyes to many different college options and working with her has been one of the best decisions that we have made.

    Kennedy T
    Kennedy T Tuskegee University