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Grades 9-10

Keep Calm College Prep is our comprehensive program that builds the foundation for your teen’s college admissions process.

This program represents an investment in their future, a transformative experience that extends far beyond traditional college preparation.

At its core, our program isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about cultivating self-awareness and self-advocacy. We go beyond the surface to create a comprehensive activities resume that captures their unique passions, setting them on a path to stand out.

We strategically chart their academic trajectory, ensuring their course selection aligns with their aspirations.

But it doesn’t stop there – we don’t just teach study skills; we refine them, empowering your teen to thrive in the challenging academic landscape while also nurturing relationships with teachers.

Lastly, we guide them through applying to summer programs to build their self-advocacy skills and activities resume even more.

Grade 11

Junior-Year Transformation is our comprehensive program that supports your teen through the most critical year of the college admissions process—ensuring that they maximize their college acceptance and scholarship chances.

In this program, we help students build a strong college application portfolio, curate a tailored list of 12-15 best-fit colleges, and provide tools for effective college research and campus visits.

We’ll determine an actionable testing strategy that simplifies test preparation, and we assist in planning senior-year courses and application deadlines.

With access to our specialized college knowledge and financial database, they’ll make informed decisions for their academic future.

We also guide them in applying to 1-2 summer programs designed for summer 2024, enhancing their skills and experiences.

Join us for the Junior-Year Transformation program and set your teen on a path to success.

Grade 12

The Confident College Applicant is our transformative program crafted to elevate your teen’s senior year of high school into a remarkable journey of self-discovery and achievement.

As the culmination of their years of hard work and growth, this program stands as the pinnacle of our commitment to their success.

We offer not just guidance, but a strategic partnership that ensures each student’s unique strengths are showcased brilliantly in their college applications.

From finalizing the college list based on fit, to providing unwavering support through every step of the application process, we empower them to navigate with calm, clarity and confidence.

Our specialized essay coaching further refines their voice, enabling them to craft narratives that captivate admissions committees.

The Confident College Applicant program is not just about getting into college; it’s about your teen evolving into a confident, capable, and accomplished young adult, ready to excel in higher education and beyond.

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