Your teen deserves to attend a college that celebrates their uniqueness, nourishes their natural abilities and prepares them for adulthood.

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I work with students to find the right college, write compelling essays, obtain scholarships and become their best selves.


Partnering with you to help your teen succeed when it comes to college is my passion! The payoff of seeing great kids get into the college of their dreams and grow into successful adults is priceless.

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  • Dr. Pamela helped us navigate the overwhelming variety of choices for our two children by finding schools that fit their individual ambitions and learning styles. The investment was small compared to payback of having motivated students in the right learning environment!

    Stasia and Chris S
    Stasia and Chris S Proud Parents
  • Dr. Pamela’s constant encouragement and advice helped guide me through my high school years!

    Lauren H
    Lauren H Tufts University
  • Dr. Pamela was really a blessing to work with. She provided calm, organization and encouragement

    Austin J
    Austin J Princeton University
  • I found Dr. Pamela to be approachable, personable, humorous, encouraging, and direct. She goes above and beyond

    Gabby W
    Gabby W Harvard College
  • At a time when the college selection process is extremely demanding and can be very stressful for everyone involved, it is refreshing to have a guide who knows the ropes and brings a personal touch to the process.

    Carmen and Ira W
    Carmen and Ira W Proud Parents
  • When I first started the process I did not really know where to begin, but thankfully Dr. Ellis laid out a “roadmap” for me that had key due dates for apps and was my lifeline for getting all of my apps in on time.

    Ben C
    Ben C Denison University

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What to Know Before They Go is an effective tool to help parents guide their teens toward preparing for college before high school even starts. I then break down the high-school years, offering achievable goals to focus on throughout each year.


Meet The Education Doctor.

(You can call me Dr. Pamela.)

I’ve helped hundreds of young people find and be admitted to best-fit colleges so parents save time and avoid over-paying.

I graduated from Stanford University and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, and received a doctorate from the Stanford University School of Education.

I’ve since spent 20+ years working in education research and as a financial executive in the private sector. “The Education Doctor®” curriculum emerged from my research on transition and retention.