“Get In and Get Money” Workshop

The Smart Parent’s Guide To Admissions and Funding Without Overwhelm…In Just 5 Weeks!

The barriers standing between your teen and their top choice college have never been more formidable:

  • College costs are rising
  • As the world evolves, competition is more fierce
  • The college process keeps adapting and, therefore, is new and more complicated each year

The good news is….

If you’re reading this, your motivation and focus to help your teen get to the front of the line has already moved them a leap ahead of the back! Now all you need is to create a winning plan to help your teen Get In and Get Money!

If you’re like most parents, it’s easy to put this off…

It’s easy to default to thinking, “Not right now…” because college still seems REALLY, REALLY far away for your son or daughter.

However, I can assure you, you’re not too early. Even if your child is only now in middle school!

Your teen may have only one chance to get into their top choice college, and they need to do it right the first time. The competition is more fierce: with online applications, it’s become easier to apply to many colleges anywhere in the world. Plus, the demands on your teen’s time, energy and focus are greater than ever.

“The College 101 GIGM Workshop from Dr. Pamela was an efficient and affordable option to quickly get acclimated to what’s needed to start the college search process. The course was a real eye-opener to help us start navigating the process. The online small group format was very effective in providing personal attention while enabling us to hear how other families were dealing with the process.”

– Gary L of Centerville, OH, parent of sophomore

When it comes to college, you can help your teen accomplish the two most critical goals in front of them: getting into their top choice college and paying for it too.

I’m Dr. Pamela Ellis, The Education Doctor®, and I have decades of experience helping students earn the best possible scholarships, grants, and financial aid opportunities that make top choice colleges truly affordable.

My techniques have successfully and reliably helped students year after year. I have distilled my pro tips into a straight-forward, online, live workshop designed for parents like you who want to help their teen as best as they can!

What is the “Get In and Get Money” course?

This is a power-packed 5-week course for parents with college-bound teens. This course shows you how to create an admissions blueprint…a map to help you support your child getting into the college that’s the ideal fit for them.

I’ll help you make a college plan that’s simple to understand, manageable and achievable.

This program has a  track record of success:

● 95% of my participating students have been accepted by their top choice colleges
● My students’ scholarship awards have totaled from $40,000-$256,000 per college

Why does it work?

You get expert advice and access to my best resources coming from my 20 years experience working with colleges and education. You get to have peace of mind knowing you’re doing things correctly and in the right order. Plus, you get the satisfaction of achieving your college goals as parents and students!

What’s included in “Get In and Get Money” course?

1. You get 5 weekly, fully-interactive live, online sessions led by The Education Doctor®, Pamela Ellis.

The goal of these sessions is to walk you through a simple, reliable, and effective process that defines what it takes to get your teen into their top choice college, and also provides a blueprint to maximize financial aid opportunities, including valuable scholarships and grants.

2. You get full access to a comprehensive list of college support services and our best resources, including:

  • College planning timelines specific to your teen’s grade
  • Checklists and roadmaps to stay organized instead of overwhelmed
  • Flowcharts to keep your eye on the big picture as your son or daughter moves toward their goal
  • Guides and specific supportive information to help you when you need it

“This course provides great insight into the college application process. Dr. Pamela has a wealth of knowledge, and your family and child will greatly benefit from her knowledge and recommendations. The sooner you enroll in this course the better!”

– Melanie B of Atlanta, GA, parent of a junior

Our VIP Upgrade includes:

2 private, one-on-one coaching sessions customized for your family situation and teen’s needs:

  • College prospect review
  • Course selection analysis
  • Troubleshooting and strategy discussion
  • Individual support and advice

“This eye-opening workshop is a must for parents of college-bound students. It will help immensely as the teen and family embark on the road to college, which begins much sooner than most realize. I found “the list” development most helpful and will use this valuable information as we take the next steps with our teen on his college-bound journey.”

– Cassandra Y of Sacramento, CA, parent of sophomore

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