Whether you are starting junior year or just finished junior year of high school, this summer is a great time to visit college campuses. Many colleges offer summer visit schedules. Although there may not be as many college students on-campus during the summer months, prospective high school students can still have the opportunity to learn about what the college offers.


Santa Clara University

Here are a couple of different campus visit options in the summer:

  1. Individual visit – includes an information session and campus tour.
  2. Open House – comprehensive visit which may include faculty/student panels, financial aid presentation for parents, dorm tours, and/or eating in the dining hall.

While it may be more ideal to visit during the school year in order to meet more enrolled students, the summertime may be the only time that parents are available to visit with their teen. Visiting during the summer is still better than not visiting at all.

If a student has a strong impression of the campus during the summer but wants to get a feel for how spirited a campus may be during the academic year then I highly recommend a return visit during the school year. In our upcoming blog this Fall, we will discuss the campus visit options for high school seniors.

Where are you planning to visit this summer?


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