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Hello! My name is Dr. Pamela Ellis and I am the founder and lead advisor of Compass College Advisory.

We've helped hundreds of students get into their dream colleges and earn over $30 million dollars in scholarships.

We've helped our students get into awesome colleges such as...



UC Berkeley


Georgia Tech

University of North Carolina


And today, I want to show you how we can help your teen get
into the dream college of their choice.

A college with...

& most importantly, a college...

that feels like home.

The students that are the most successful in college feel supported by their peers and professors and comfortable on their campus.

This support and comfort are necessary for your teen to truly thrive in college, no matter where they are.

Unlike most college advisors, we prioritize college fit over prestige and know that if your teen does not feel completely aligned with the college they attend, they will likely transfer after their freshman year...

That's why with my personal expertise from visiting over 500 colleges all over the world, we will get it right the first time.

Now, let me ask you...


If you are reading this right now, I know you are a really good parent.

In fact, you are actually a

From teaching them how to tie their shoes all the way to teaching them how to drive, you have done everything to help your child be the best person they can be.

You have put them in the best schools and supported them with everything they wanted to do.

And I'm guessing in the back of your mind that entire time, you were thinking about


Way before high school,

Way before they were about to start their college applications,

You were thinking about where they would go to college.

Many parents I work with actually start a college fund for their kid as soon as they’re born.

Some even buy their infants onesies that have their alma mater on them.
(If that’s you, I’m laughing with you not at you 😂)

You have been thinking about college all this time because in our society, college is the first major turning point of our teen’s lives.

They move out of the house for the first time and gain a
whole new level of independence.

They also will make friends they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives and build the knowledge and skillset that will serve them throughout their career.


Now that college is actually approaching, I know a lot of emotions are probably coming to the surface for you.

You are...

Anxious because your teen will be moving out of the house soon to become an adult

Worried that your teen won't get into their dream college or that you will have to pay full price for college....

But you are also probably excited...

to see your teen confidently step into a new phase of their life and become the great person you raised them to be.

I had all of these emotions with each of my three kids when they approached college.

And as any of you that have multiple kids know, the range of emotions for each child is different in its own way but similar in intensity!

All of these emotions are completely normal for a parent to have.

Because of our protective and loving nature as parents, we always worry about our children even when we are super excited for them at the same time.

However, sometimes these emotions can tip into overdrive and turn into something I call...

College Madness is EXCESSIVE worrying about college to the point that the parent or parents try to control every aspect of their child's life.

These are the kind of parents that obsess over the U.S. News College Rankings.

While parents who have college madness think they are making a positive contribution to their teen’s future… they are actually sabotaging it.

Example A of this is the Varsity Blues Scandal, don’t you remember this in the news?

If you don’t, long story short, these two wealthy parents paid this guy on the left to get their children into a college and wound up going to jail for it.

Parents get to this level of craziness when they see the college that their child gets into as a status symbol and a sign for how good of a parent they are.
I want you to know this and remember this now—wherever your child goes to college they will have great opportunities to learn, grow and make friends.

Wherever they go to college has nothing to do with your worth as a parent— but your unwavering support of them does.

WHERE A College Advisor comes in

Simply put...we help you and your teen avoid college madness.

The college admissions process can be stressful and we alleviate that stress by giving your teen the guidance and expertise they deserve.

We give you the opportunity to keep being the best parent that you are, without worrying about being their college advisor too.

As a parent you will gain...

And most importantly, your teen will gain...

Let me explain further...

Most college admissions advice is just general run-of-the-mill stuff that can help any student get into college.

You and your teen have probably heard this kind of advice hundreds of times… it’s stuff like: Get good SAT scores; do extra-curriculars that you are passionate about; Become a leader; Take challenging courses; and get the best possible grades in your classes etc...

This stuff is all important. However, in 2023, it’s just won’t cut it if you really want to increase your chances of getting in and getting money for college.

You would be shocked by the amount of students who have perfect SAT scores, perfect attendance, graduated at the top of their class, and were the varsity soccer team captain that get denied from their dream school.

And that’s because thousands of kids have the exact same credentials.

College admissions officers spend most of their time comparing "apples to apples."

College advising is all about how to make your teen's application incomparable. The admissions officers can't compare "apples to oranges" and will offer your teen admission and scholarships because they presented something different.

The majority of students get the same generic advice, so they end up presenting themselves in a generic way.

But your teen needs something else...

they need an edge.

They need a compelling story.

They need a vision beyond college...

That's why I'd like to formally
invite you to our signature program...

The Confident College Applicant is a comprehensive program
that covers every aspect of the college application process.

Your teen will get individualized support on...

This program is from May 2023 to May 2024.

It’s a full 12 month program that will guide your teen through
every part of the college application process.

This is the program your teens need to maximize their acceptance and scholarship potential.

Check out what students
have shared about working with us...

"Before working with the Compass team, I was confused about the college process. I felt so unprepared. Thanks to their guidance, I took the classes best suited for my interests, attended rigorous academic summer programs, and was accepted into my top school. The Compass team helped me develop a plan to complete my college applications in a timely fashion while also helping me find scholarships."
Ariel M.
Brown University
"One of the things that makes the Compass team uniquely excellent is their expertise on how colleges evaluate applicants, as well as the nuanced distinctions between colleges. I highly recommend the Compass team because of their effort to develop a strong personal relationship with you. I found them to be approachable, personable, humorous, encouraging, and direct. They go above and beyond, and they offer wisdom in all areas of life – not just academic – which made me view them as mentors and friends. I know that, without a doubt, the Compass team was an integral part of my surviving the college application process and finding the best school for my undergraduate academic career. "
Gabby W
Gabby W.
Harvard University
"The Compass team helped my family with the whole process from assessing what schools would be the best fit to walking through all my essays whether they be supplemental or for scholarships. They help take the pressure off of a family's shoulders and genuinely guides their student to collegiate success. Without the Compass team’s assistance, I would've struggled through the admissions process and possibly would not be attending or receiving scholarships."
Nimesh N.
University of Toledo
"The Compass team helped me curate a list of schools, any of which I would have been happy to attend. They really pushed me to research schools more thoroughly, to go past the “brand name.” As a result of working with the Compass team, I was confident that my application represented me in the best way possible. I also think that the Compass team's guidance and insight compelled admissions officers to spend a little more time on my application. The Compass team kept me calm going through this stressful process and gave me really great advice at each step of the way."
Cameron J.
Yale University
"I was clueless, and completely overwhelmed by the research and application process. As a result of working with the Compass team, I was able to get a better idea of the kind of school I wanted to attend and really get to know the different options available to me. They are true experts. They listened to what I wanted and recommended what they felt would be the best fit for me, and I personally found that their recommendations were absolutely right. I owe so much to them for helping me find my college."
Lauren H
Amanda T.
Dickinson College
"Before working with the Compass team, the thought of applying to multiple colleges at once seemed overwhelming and writing essays felt very intimidating - I did not know where to start. The Compass team broke down the application process into simple steps that allowed me to not feel overwhelmed which helped me to submit everything in an organized and timely fashion. I would recommend the Compass team's services because they will reduce the stress that you and your child will have in the whole college application process, including essay writing. They will guide you in the right direction and give great advice on picking the right college for you!"
Khari D.
Howard University
As a very unsure writer, the college application process seemed daunting. Thankfully, the Compass team was always there to help me through the writing process. Especially near deadlines, they made themselves available to me even if they were not in town. We talked over every essay before and after it was written. The Compass team was amazing at guiding me to a good idea for an essay, too. The Compass team was an invaluable resource and helped me talk through my school options to choose the best fit. I could not be happier at Wake Forest and am sure I made the right decision! Thanks to the Compass team the college process went much smoother than it would have on my own.
Lauren H
Ben C.
Wake Forest University

The investment for
The Confident College Applicant is...







This program includes...

This program includes everything your teens need
to maximize their acceptance and scholarship potential!

Hear from some of the Smart
Parents That Have Invested in their
Teen's Future
and Worked with Us as well...

Compass helped us navigate the overwhelming variety of choices for our two children, finding schools that fit their individual ambitions and learning styles. The investment was small compared to the payback of having a motivated student in the right learning environment.
Stasia and Chris S
Chris and Stasia S.
We were very pleased that our son got the chance to work with the Compass team! Working with the Compass team helped him organize his essay-related tasks, and allowed him to take responsibility for his deadlines. Introspection is not always easy for a teenager, and we were very happy about how well his essays reflected his personality. He wrote on topics that meant something to him, allowing his voice to be heard and his viewpoints to be clearly expressed. Thanks again!
Sue and Jeff W.
So much has changed since I was a senior in high school and applying to college that I just didn't really even know where my son should start. Because he's worked with the Compass team, he's confident that the skills and unique qualities that he has will shine through on his applications and essays and that he'll be competitive with other students. I feel confident that when my son submits his college applications, he'll be a great candidate for several schools. The Compass team really takes the time to get to know the students and families they works with. This allows them to make appropriate recommendations and serve as a guide with a wealth of information during this stressful process. They have a way of getting your student to take charge of this process, in an organized way, which ultimately saves time and relieves stress.
Cambra E.
The Compass team’s relevant expertise, organizational skills and interpersonal connections with us have surpassed our expectations. It has been helpful to have advocates who have personally visited dozens of colleges across the country and have had first-hand conversations with admission officers. Rather than solely depend on dated information from an assortment of books or on unreliable internet postings, the Compass team shares credible intelligence they have gathered on their ongoing school visit itinerary. At a time when the college selection process is extremely demanding and can be very stressful for everyone involved, it is refreshing to have guides who know the ropes and bring a personal touch to the process. The Compass team bring a level of calmness and encouragement to every conversation with us as parents and to their direct conversations with our daughter.
Carmen and Ira W
Carmen and Ira W.

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