Together, we can entrust today’s teens
to find, get into and afford the college that
inspires them into successful adults.

Get the insider perspective to help today’s teens with college

Taking the college planning process in phases, students and their families can prepare without getting overwhelmed. It also opens up lucrative financial aid opportunities that could have gotten overlooked.

When you hire Dr. Pamela to speak for your company, school or organization, she’ll explain how to support teens to find the colleges that best suit them so they feel comfortable and inspired when they get there.

She’ll also share insider tips from her decades of working with students to successfully get into and pay for college.

Her presentations can be adapted for your timeframe and audience interests. Contact Dr. Pamela now to get more details about bringing her to your organization.

Dr. Pamela has taken the college planning process and created the Compass College Advisory 5-Phase System, a step-by-step approach that helps teens and their families find, apply to and pay for college.

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Did you know…

It takes parents over 300 hours to help their teen through the college admissions process.

Not to mention the time and energy it takes for them to plan ahead financially and seek scholarships, grants and financial aid.

The process can be simplified. Applying to college today is different than what it was even just a decade ago. I can help your employees, staff or organization leverage opportunities to help teens get into a college where they will thrive.