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Ready for your teen to get ready for college, without the stress of trying to do it for them?

There’s no other program out there that delivers everything you need in sophomore year to prepare for college AND includes life skills development and social-emotional wellness.

We combine personalized coaching, constructive feedback on your entire application portfolio, insight from visiting 500+ campus visits PLUS advance training and tools to take away the stress of feeling overwhelmed.

Here's what's included...

Sophomore Accelerator Program

The Sophomore Accelerator Program

Bonus: Community of like-minded, college-bound peers

Here's what's included...

Sophomore Accelerator Program

The Sophomore Accelerator Program

Bonus: Community of like-minded, college-bound peers

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Hurry! The Sophomore Accelerator 2023 will close soon!
If not for Dr. Ellis, I would have been lost in a sea of information. Her help was incredibly useful and I do not know what I would have done without it. Thank you so much, Dr. Ellis!
Robbie W.
Vanderbilt University
Dr. Pamela was really a blessing to work with. She provided calm, organization and encouragement.
Austin J
Austin J
Princeton University
I found Dr. Pamela to be approachable, personable, humorous, encouraging, and direct. She goes above and beyond!
Gabby W
Gabby W
Harvard College

Because your teen is NOT first generation.

One of the things you already know is that applying to college these days is nothing like it was when you applied. While there are countless programs out there that support “first generation” students, you may be wondering “What about my teen? Will my teen be overlooked because I went to college?”

I asked the very same question

Not only am I a first generation college-student, I’m a first generation high school graduate. My mom finished 8th grade and my dad finished 10th so they did not know how to guide me through high school. My mother desperately wanted me to stay at home and commute to a local college. She had never heard of Stanford and having her “baby” that far from home was unthinkable.

What if my mother didn’t allow me to go away to college because it was a college that was a) too far away and b) she had never heard of it?

I vowed that I would never let this happen to anyone else again.

When I became a mom, I was obsessed with schooling and learning everything I could to help them navigate the education systems. One of the things I recognized even when my kids were younger is that they were not eligible for many programs. Although I was first generation, my kids were NOT.


Because my kids are second generation . . .

As “second generation” students, my kids would not receive the extra help that I had when applying to college.

I didn’t want my kids to be left out, so it was up to me to continue learning and figuring out all I could to be an advocate and counselor for them. Especially when my kids were in schools with few peers that looked like them, I had to ensure that there was equity in their classrooms and they maintained their sense of identity.

When the obsession got real bad, I returned to Stanford to get my doctorate degree in Education. My research focused on black males in education and high school to college transition. My programs have been developed with this perspective, adolescent research and social emotional learning.

Once my initial students were admitted to their top choice colleges AND getting big scholarship money, I knew it wasn’t a fluke. I had perfected my process and I decided that day to help as many families as I possibly could crack the code on getting in and getting money for college.

You’re tired of trying to figure out what to do and when for college.

There’s a lot of hype and frenzy around college admissions. You know it because you’re hearing it from other parents. Your teen is also stressed because they hear all the talk about the changes in the college landscape and test cancellations but are unsure of what it means for them.

During this current crisis, I’m talking with students and parents daily and see the toll that the uncertainty is taking on families’ ability to focus and plan ahead with confidence!!

This is for you if you have a college-bound 10th grader AND you find yourself answering "Yes" to any of the following questions...

  • Concerned that you are not doing enough to help your teen get into the colleges of their dreams?
  • Worried that there are things you should be doing but not sure what or when or whether you’ve MISSED OUT?
  • Concerned that it will be too competitive for your teen to get into the colleges they desires to attend?
  • Stressed out/anxious about how much college will cost and the need for your teen to take on student debt?

Then Sophomore Accelerator is definitely for your teen.

I have put my heart and soul into this program  because I see how many families miss massive opportunities when they’re overwhelmed with searching online for answers and don’t even realize that their teen is off track for college.

Let me help you turn your overwhelm into opportunity with

My life changed dramatically over 10 years ago.

I had been looking at colleges in a limited way. 

I didn’t realize it then that this limited perspective also narrowed the list of college choices for the teens I worked with.

Here’s what happened: I was resolved to expand my own knowledge of colleges. I went on a crazy search of visiting college campuses all over the US. I found that as I worked with more diverse students, I needed to know the range of schools that could meet their needs.

I didn’t want any of my students to be at the wrong college that didn’t provide the learning support they needed to be successful. 

This quest took me to colleges large and small, in the middle of nowhere as well as those in the big cities. I even visited colleges in the UK when a teen expressed interest in colleges there.

With every new client, I applied this college knowledge to help develop the right list tailored to their needs and interests. I literally went home and grabbed my laptop and started creating what today has become The Education Doctor® Curriculum which has led to my proprietary framework.

Starting to work on my system was the beginning of the best years of my business. It kickstarted this amazing journey that I’ve been on, some 10 years later and 500+ campuses visited, thousands of students have benefitted from my proven system, Keep C.A.L.M. (College and Accelerated Leadership Methodology) which has resulted in 95% of my students being admitted to their top choice colleges and receiving an average of $75,000 in scholarships.

It takes parents over 300+ hours to help their teen get ready for college. . .

Your teen may be less motivated with remote learning. I get it. . . my 3 kids also had their moments when they lacked motivation during the quarantine. As a sophomore, your teen may be an awkward space of trying to figure out who they are and what does getting ready for college really mean to them personally .

It takes parents over 300+ hours to help their teen get ready for college. Waiting doesn’t decrease the time you’ll spend, it only means that you will spend even more time later with more undue stress.

The hundreds of hours it’s going to take to help your teen get ready for college won’t go away. Waiting until senior year means that you’re kicking the “can down the road” only to spend all that time in the fall in senior year. I can tell you now that putting this off will compromise your peace of mind and the relationship with your teen.

With Sophomore Accelerator 2023, here’s what you can now brag about...

  • Your teen now has more confidence in what they’re doing to “get ready for college”. They are no longer guessing what to do and when . . .but instead have a step-by-step roadmap to make the most of sophomore year.
  • Your teen is now more self-aware and no longer second-guessing what to do about ACT/SAT. Because they will have a comprehensive report, they are better positioned to prep for and take the right test in junior year.
  • Your family now has peace of mind about what to expect in junior year without you having to nag your teen.  You have a partnership with Compass that provides that “third-party” expertise that your teen trusts and responds to.
When I first started the process I did not really know where to begin, but thankfully Dr. Ellis laid out a “roadmap” for me that had key due dates for apps and was my lifeline for getting all of my apps in on time.
Ben C
Ben C.
Denison University
Working with Dr. Pamela Ellis has been invaluable to our son’s college application experience. Very important to us was that she helped to diffuse the parent/child tension that can develop throughout the process. We feel strongly that our family hit the jackpot for sure--best investment we ever made! Thank you, Dr. Pamela!
Marti and Bill C
Proud Parents
The college process seemed impossible, but with Dr. Pamela it was achievable because of her expertise with the process and extensive knowledge of colleges all over the country. Now I’m at Rhodes, a school I love. I highly recommend her.
Tori L
Tiffin University

Get started NOW!

Hurry! The Sophomore Accelerator 2023 will close soon!

Here's why your teen needs to join us . . .

Your teen may not know what they’re seeking in a college, let alone the steps to get there. While they may know of a few colleges, you suspect, as well as they do, that they really are limiting their options, either out of fear or lack of confidence.

The true differentiator of your teen from every other teen is their “why” – everyone has one and when your teen learns their own why then it will make it possible to find those colleges that are the right fit for them, where they have the best chance of thriving and reaching their highest potential.  

What’s even more worrisome is that the college landscape has shifted in these recent months. Although your teen may have heard about a few brand name colleges from their friends, they really don’t know what this all means for them directly.  Believe it or not, many colleges will consider what they have done to make the most of this moment in high school, despite being remote or hybrid. 

I would hate for your teen NOT to get into the colleges of their choice because they were waiting on their school to tell them what to do.

Sophomore Accelerator 2023 will teach your teen the right steps to get ready for college. This school year is all about creating their application portfolio. With Sophomore Accelerator 2023, they will have the structure and accountability to get it done. We coach and guide them as they take ownership of the process so that they are ready to start looking at colleges in junior year. 

We will help your teen discover their strengths and talents and create a personal application portfolio that stands out.

And they can get it done in less time with less stress, while still enjoying high school! 

Our proven system, Keep C.A.L.M. (College and Accelerated Leadership Methodology), has resulted in 95% of my students being admitted to their top choice colleges and receiving an average of $75,000 in scholarships.

Discover – this phase is all about your teen, their why, strengths and talents and personal/family values

Develop – this phase is all about creating a college list with purpose and  intention so that it meets the 5 factors of fit – academic, social, financial, vocational and cultural

Action – this phase is about taking the right steps in sophomore year to get ready for college. 

Bonus: Community of like-minded, college-bound peers

Here’s what your teen will gain as a part of this community of like-minded sophomores:

  • Supportive, personalized coaching and guidance in a small group 
  • Step-by-step guidance on what to do during sophomore year so they don’t miss out on any opportunities
  • Accountability for following through on what must be done in order to be positioned to get in and get money for college

And for you, as the parent, this program will:

  • Improve communication between you and your teen, because you no longer have to nag them all the time about college,
  • Bring joy and peace of mind as you watch your teen own this process and gain more independence.

Enroll now for your teen to take informed, intentional steps to discover who they are and create an application portfolio that will position them to stand out 

Ok, now you have a choice to make.

There are really only two options

Option 1: Keep doing it on your own

Keep doing it on your own, nagging your teen…

…while they flounder and continue waiting on mom to do it for them.

If they end up in the “wrong” college that you chose for them, then not only will they regret this decision but will blame you for stunting their growth and freedom.   


Option 2: Enroll now

Enroll now for your teen to find the right colleges  and avoid future regret of them being in the wrong place.

You will get all the 500+ campus visits, almost 15 years of experience helping 95% of my students get into their top choice colleges, and receiving total scholarship awards of $22.5M, to partner with your family and bring peace of mind to your home.

Here's what your teen will leave with, after their experience in Sophomore Accelerator:


  • A meaningful activities resume they can use for recommendations and applications
  • A reliable testing and prep plan for junior year 
  • Comprehensive materials to guide them through sophomore year so they’re making the right choices
  • More confidence and less stress knowing that they didn’t waste sophomore year
Dr. Pamela’s constant encouragement and advice helped guide me through my high school years! My decision to apply ED to Tufts University was an important one, and Dr. Pamela’s support was very important during that time. Thank you for everything Dr. Pamela!
Lauren H
Lauren H.
Tufts University
Dr. Pamela is absolutely amazing at helping parents create and implement a strategy for their children’s educational goals.
Nikki and Arnett K
Proud Parents
Throughout my junior and senior year Dr. Pamela really helped me to navigate the college application process. I had no idea where to even start. When it came time for me to start the applications, Dr. Pamela really helped me tackle the many essays I had to write. She really is the greatest. I love you Dr. P!!!
Molly W
University of Denver

Here's the key: Your teen owns this process.

Sophomore year is a great time to jumpstart the college admissions process. Right now, your teen has a lot of unscheduled time on their hand and may be stuck in terms of what they should do next to prepare for college. Now is the time for your teen to take control of their future and reach their highest potential.

This is one time when their parent can’t do it for them. In fact, if the parents do the work for their teen, it will jeopardize ANY chance they have of them getting in and even getting money for college.

The Sophomore Accelerator program will be your teen’s time to focus on who they are and get the expert guidance to confidently determine an intentional testing plan. This will go a long way to reduce the stress your family is already feeling!

Through this program, they will access my signature programs that I developed at Stanford University and leverage the 500+ campuses I’ve visited on behalf of the hundreds of families that have benefited from my expertise.

Because of the family sessions, your family will be on the same page about what’s expected of your teen. Likewise, parents can get their questions answered so that they avoid the mistakes that could cost their teen missing out on opportunities they didn’t know existed.

This isn’t just another program. It’s an opportunity to empower your teen and develop important life skills now.

What works in high school won’t work in college

High school

  • Told what to do/follow the course plan
  • Stay local
  • Procrastinate on getting ready for college
  • Wait for mom/dad to do it for you

 Thrive in college 

  • Confidently self-advocate, be Independent-minded and take initiative
  • Keep C.A.L.M. Discovery of talents and strengths
  • Keep C.A.L.M. Purposeful good fit
  • Organization and time management systems

College is different than high school and will require the habits of mind, life skills and social emotional learning offered through 

Sophomore Accelerator 2023.

College will be here before you know it. 

But too often, when moms aren’t really ready to let go, they keep waiting on the proverbial perfect time for their teen to get ready for college and you know what happens . . . 

The stress in their home is so heavy and their teen really isn’t talking to them anyway. Then when senior year does start, there is even more stress, anxiety and arguments because the teen is even more anxious. They realize that they’re not ready yet all their friends are talking about applying to colleges. 

You start thinking to yourself, if only you had partnered with Compass to help your teen, then you wouldn’t be in this predicament. And you know something, you really did miss out because that time is lost and can never be recovered. Not only are you full of regret but so is your teen. 

I feel you because I know the pain of regret and the even worse feeling of disappointing your child.

The entire college process is rough, but with the help and counsel of Dr. Ellis, I was able to feel confident during interviews, have a solid personal essay, and an organized resume.
Daisy B.
Middlebury College
As a very unsure writer, the college application process seemed daunting. Dr. Ellis was amazing at guiding me to a good idea for an essay. I could not be happier at Wake Forest and am sure I made the right decision! Thanks to Dr. Ellis the college process went much smoother than it would have on my own.
Matthew C.
Wake Forest University
Throughout my junior and senior year Dr. Pamela really helped me to navigate the college application process. I had no idea where to even start. When it came time for me to start the applications, Dr. Pamela really helped me tackle the many essays I had to write. She really is the greatest. I love you Dr. P!!!
Kennedy T
Tuskegee University

About your Host and Teacher

Pamela Ellis, MBA, PhD—The Education Doctor®—has helped hundreds of young people find and be admitted to best-fit colleges so their parents save time and avoid over-paying. As an award-winning CEO and consultant, Dr. Pamela’s experience with the education system includes advising school districts, community organizations, and institutes of higher education.

As a result of her research into student transitions from high school to college—and evaluating the ways colleges successfully retain their student populations once admitted—she developed The Education Doctor® curriculum. 

She has visited more than 450 colleges and universities internationally to gain insight into their varying cultures and to explore the range of academic and social opportunities available to students on campus. Her research areas include high school to college transition, parent engagement, African-American males in education, and college completion.

She is a highly sought-after speaker and author of the best-selling book What to Know Before They Go. In the first of this series, College Edition, coined “the how-to guide for the teen years”, Dr. Pamela shares actionable insights and tips to help school leaders, counselors, mentors and parents/caregivers support teens toward higher education success.  

Dr. Pamela graduated from Stanford University and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, and she earned a doctorate from the Stanford University School of Education.

We’re not like your school counselor

The American School Counselor Association recommends that schools have 250 students for one counselor. If your school counselor has that many students, your teen really is just another number. 

We don’t work that way!

Your teen will be seen and heard in Sophomore Accelerator 2023.

Because we offer personalized coaching and guidance, we get to know your teen’s values and their ‘why’ so that we support them with finding the right colleges that are a fit for them.

This means that we limit the number of families we work with in each class. 

If you’re waiting for the right time . . . THIS IS IT!

Waiting too late means that you miss out on this opportunity to join Sophomore Accelerator 2023 and it can cost you everything. 

This is what it looks like when you wait

It will take you 300+ hours to help your teen through the college admissions process. Much of that time is spent online trying to find the right information that applies to their teen. Think about it . . . 

Let’s say that half of those hours are spent in sophomore year. That would be 150 hours of your precious time. 

Then, if an hour of your time is worth $100.

 That’s $15,000 you’ve already spent overwhelmed with figuring this out for your teen.

When you talk with your teen about what you’re doing to “help” them, it leads to . . .  silence. They’re not talking to you. 

Your helping only leads to more stress and enabling your teen. 

Your peace of mind is surely worth a lot more than it would be to invest in Sophomore Accelerator 2023 for your family’s sake. 

I had no idea where to start getting information about colleges... I was clueless, and completely overwhelmed by the research and application process. Her database of colleges and universities is extensive and detailed, and she herself has visited almost all of them! Her personal accounts of the school's vibe and her impressions were immensely helpful in narrowing down my options.
Amanda T.
Dickinson College
We wanted to be sure that we did all we could as parents to help our son find and choose the right college for him, but I was concerned because we didn’t have a strategy for researching and considering various colleges. As a result of working with Dr. Pamela our son has broadened his thinking about his options and learned more about how to be competitive in his applications. She gave us insight, providing a window into the application and admissions process that we wouldn’t otherwise have.
Christine R
Proud Mom
By working with Dr. Pamela, Cameron developed a list of schools that he feels confident in, all of them places he would be happy attending. Dr. Pamela is so knowledgeable and up to date in her assessment of schools and their programs. Dr. Pamela also had great advice about testing, course selection and other academic matters. I would highly recommend her.
Juliette J.
Proud Mom

Get started NOW!

Hurry! The Sophomore Accelerator 2023 will close soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

The live learning sessions are for the sophomore along with mom and/or dad.

This ensures that you can all get your questions answered and get on the same page to jumpstart the college admissions process. 

While the live sessions are the most helpful for interaction, feedback and support, your family will have access to the recordings and the video library to reference if there’s a scheduling conflict. 

If the testing has been PSAT, then we’re still fine to do the proctored practice tests and determine the testing and prep plan for junior year.

I hope that your sophomore has not done any official testing yet! If so, we will discuss next steps that make sense based on your teen’s why, course plan and score results.

We couldn’t be more different. Here are 3 key ways we are different from your school counselor:

  1. Personalization – we get to know your family, your teen’s values and their ‘why’ so that we support them with finding the right colleges that are a fit for them. The average caseload of a school counselor is far above the national standard of 250 students minimum per counselor.
  2. Recommended list – we recommend colleges that are a fit for your teen based on our 5 pillars of fit – academic, social, financial, vocational and cultural. School counselors typically recommend colleges that other students from your high school have applied.
  3. College Knowledge and Affordability database – our family portal has extensive college insight and shows you how you compare to all students around the world (not just the kids from your high school, like Naviance). 

The BIGGEST difference from your school counselor is that we’ve visited 500+ colleges and your school counselor does not have time for that. . . it’s not even a job requirement.


Absolutely not. You can see from the client stories here and the clients you met during the training that our students apply to a range of colleges that are the best fit for them.

Yes, we do. Please know that the investment is greater than this Sophomore Accelerator. We are happy to chat with you further about the opportunity to work with us privately.

Absolutely! We offer both semi-private and private junior year programs focused on your teen developing a best-fit college list. We are happy to discuss this opportunity further.