College Counseling & Education Planning Short-Term Services

 Relocation Support and Problem Solving

“Our family may be relocating. How can Compass help us?”

Moving can be a very stressful experience for anyone in a family. It can be even more difficult to ensure education is not compromised during this trying process. Compass Education Strategies offers resources for students relocating at any level of K-12. We are here to help you and your family succeed at every phase of life and every phase of school.

Depending on the grade level of your teen(s), we can support your family by providing support and proven methods to finding the best learning environment.

You may schedule an appointment to determine how we can help.

 Advisory Session

Compass is available for hourly consultation services on a limited basis. This session provides parents with insight and advice specific to their child’s educational concerns. Our advice is anchored in current educational research and years of experience as active listeners to parents.

Please know that these advisory consultations are only provided to parents. We do not meet with students on an hourly, advisory basis. These are meant to be supportive, short-term engagements that assist you with a specific instance in their educational plan. Past advisory session requests have included:

  • Educational needs assessment, particularly through life transitions
  • Teacher/student/parent communication strategies
  • School or district negotiation strategies
  • Standardized assessment interpretation
  • Counseling for special academic issues

Parents who visit our center for advisory consultations usually come in for 2 sessions. However, clients may purchase a pre-paid, five-hour block of time to be used during the academic year.

You may schedule an advisory session here.

 SSAT Flex Testing

Compass administers the SSAT Flex Test to middle and high school students in our Dayton, Ohio center.

If you would like to set a convenient time for an SSAT Flex Test, please complete this form.

Complimentary Informational Session

Schedule now and get a complimentary 40-minute informational to find your college that feels like home.

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