How To Find The Right College

5 Key Steps to Helping Your Teen Find The Right College
Without Stressing Through the Process

(even if it’s your first time going through this)


Meet Dr. Pamela Ellis

Dr. Pamela helps teens find a college that feels like home by partnering with parents to avoid overpaying (and schools to build systemic capacity). Through her proven system, families save time, money and their relationships.

During this Live Training Class, you will learn:

What it takes to help your teen find the right college that fits their unique talents and gifts, where they are most likely to be happy and thrive

Why looking at the location of a college is actually putting your family at risk of overpaying for college and the powerful shifts you can make to change that

How my clients are getting admitted to their top choice colleges without their parents worrying about what they don’t see them doing

How teens can position themselves to get in and get money for college RIGHT NOW (even if they have been procrastinating)

Why the old way of finding colleges and getting scholarships will never ensure that your teen will thrive and complete college on time

The secret weapon our clients are using to build their college list with the right colleges that match their unique interests and needs, without sacrificing anything that truly matters to them

…And how we do ALL this while stressing less, enjoying the journey and developing the right list of colleges where teens can reach their highest potential

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Increased confidence in positioning your teen to transform their life trajectory.