When it comes to college, you can help your teen accomplish the two most critical goals in front of them: getting into their top choice college and paying for it too.


I’m Dr. Pamela Ellis, The Education Doctor®, and I have decades of experience working with parents to get their teens into their top choice schools. Helping students earn the best possible scholarships, grants, and financial aid opportunities makes top choice colleges truly affordable. I have distilled my ultra-successful techniques into an amazing online, live workshop designed just for parents like you!


Join Get In and Get Money!


It’s a power-packed 5-week course for parents of college-bound teens that shows you how to create an admissions blueprint that is simple to understand, manageable, and ultimately achievable. The results show it all . .


● 95% of my participating students have been accepted by their top choice colleges
● My students’ scholarship awards have totaled from $40,000-$256,000 per college


If you want to Get IN to your top choice school, but have no answers for tuition . . . you’re out of luck. If you have all the scholarships in the world, but no acceptance . . . there’s nothing more you can do to get into that school. You must have both ends of the admissions process locked down, otherwise–you’re left with nothing.

Which is why it pays to have a plan…


It’s Not Rocket Science,
But You Do Need A Smart Plan!


The barriers standing between your teen and their top choice college have never been more formidable:

  • College costs are rising every year . . .
  • It’s harder to get in and the competition is more fierce . . .
  • The process is more complicated than ever . . .


The good news? If you’re reading this, your motivation and focus to help your teen get to the front of the line has already moved them a step (or two) ahead of the pack! Now all you need to do is act on that motivation and create a winning plan to Get IN and Get Money!


What’s Standing in Your Way RIGHT NOW?!


If you’re like most of my parents, the biggest obstacle you face right now is that little voice in your head that’s telling you “Not right now!” because you’re focused on that final college destination, which seems REALLY, REALLY far away.


With our signature


Get In and Get Money!


System you will…


Create a roadmap that brings college admissions and that final destination into sight (and close enough to touch). Once you can map out the journey, getting your teen there is just a matter of staying focused and sticking with the plan… which is important advice for both you and your teen to remember!


Get the tools to create your precise road map with a 5-Phase System that allows you to work with your teen to master the process:


1.Planning the Road Ahead

you will discover the numerous post-secondary options available to your teen and current college admissions trends that play a role in your teen’s admissions chances



2. Laying the Foundation

you will discover which standardized tests make sense for your teen, PLUS helpful inventories your teen can take to figure out their strengths and potential majors (way before narrowing down a potential college list)



3. Selecting the Right College

you will discover how to develop a college list and use search tools that are based on your teen’s personality and College-Fit profile



4. Applying (from the Admission Officer’s Seat)

you will discover when it makes sense for your teen to apply to college and get an insider view at the parts of the application that are outside of your teen’s control (based on tips & insights fresh from colleges across the nation)



5. Unpacking Your Financial Profile and Affordability

you will discover how “need” is determined and what it means for your family’s financial profile



Learn to master each phase of the application and admissions process with your teen to actually enjoy this new adventure and learn how important commitment is in the Real World. I want to help your teen get ahead of the competition, get access to resources and tools that guarantee a competitive advantage, and transform time into a resource you can leverage, instead of a clock ticking down to chaos.


What Parents Have to Say About Get In and Get Money!


“This course provides great insight into the college application process. Dr. Pamela has a wealth of knowledge, and your family and child will greatly benefit from her knowledge and recommendations. The sooner you enroll in this course the better!”

– Melanie B of Atlanta, GA, parent of a junior


“The College 101 GIGM Workshop from Dr. Pamela was an efficient and affordable option to quickly get acclimated to what’s needed to start the college search process. The course was a real eye-opener to help us start navigating the process. The online small group format was very effective in providing personal attention while enabling us to hear how other families were dealing with the process.”

– Gary L of Centerville, OH, parent of sophomore


“This eye-opening workshop is a must for parents of college-bound students. It will help immensely as the teen and family embark on the road to college, which begins much sooner than most realize. I found “the list” development most helpful and will use this valuable information as we take the next steps with our teen on his college-bound journey.”

– Cassandra Y of Sacramento, CA, parent of sophomore


Bottom Line: Get In and Get Money! Works… Here’s How


Attendees receive 5 weekly, fully-interactive live, online sessions led by The Education Doctor®, Pamela Ellis. The goal of these sessions is to walk parents through a simple, reliable, and effective process that defines what it takes to get your teen into their top choice college, and also provides a blueprint to maximize financial aid opportunities, including valuable scholarships and grants.


Get In and Get Money! also provides attendees with complete access to a comprehensive list of support services and resources, including:


● Program knowledge database
● Timelines and checklists
● Flowcharts and road maps that list every step along the way


Meet Your College Consultant With Over 20+ Years Experience


(With A Success Rate Of 95% At Landing Top College Choices!)


In her more than 20 years working in education research and as a financial executive in the private sector, Pamela Ellis—The Education Doctor® has emerged as a leading authority on what it takes for students to thrive in education and, thereby, in life.

And she is here to help you find the school where your child can thrive—the one that feels like home. Dr. Pamela’s experience in education includes advising K-12 school districts, colleges/universities, and community-based organizations, which have helped numerous students transition, succeed on many levels and thrive in life.

Dr. Pamela developed “The Education Doctor®” curriculum through her research on transition and retention. She first piloted the program in East Palo Alto, California through a high school writing program. She brings her base of research knowledge and client service excellence to families so that they can be strategic and intentional about education. Dr. Pamela is a graduate of Stanford University and The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. Her doctorate was granted from the Stanford University School of Education.

She has visited over 300 of the top-rated universities and colleges around the world. She is deeply in tune with the academic expectations, social opportunities, and culture for each university and is skilled to help you make the perfect match for your child.

If you’re ready to find the best fit for your child’s educational needs, get in touch with Dr. Pamela today by clicking here.
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Those values don’t include the peace of mind that comes from having expert advice to your yourself–through EVERY step of the admissions process (PLUS the satisfaction of achieving your higher education goals as parents and students)!


Those values don’t include the peace of mind that comes from having expert advice to your yourself–through EVERY step of the admissions process (PLUS the satisfaction of achieving your higher education goals as parents and students)!


Get The VIP Upgrade Today

Payment Options Available


Get In and Get Money!


Before Some Other Parent’s Teen Does!


Your teen may only have one chance to get into their top choice colleges, and they need to do it right the first time! The competition is more fierce than ever and the demands of time, energy, and focus are substantial – so you must be involved with your teen’s game plan from the start if you want the best chance for success.

With a success rate of 95% at landing top college choices (and with proven results securing scholarships, and grants totaling $100K+ per college), I’m confident telling my parents that Get In and Get Money! can make all the difference when working to secure a bright higher education future for their teen.


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Enroll Today—VIP Course

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