One Alliance 

At 1st Alliance, we are dedicated to the mindful development of the complete athlete.

This year, we have partnered with Symone Speech and Compass College Advisory to provide our girls with access to personal development resources that promote confidence, advocacy, and balance through the One Alliance Program. 

What is the One Alliance Program?

The One Alliance program is a 6-session personal development course designed to help you learn to celebrate your individuality, nourish your natural abilities on and off the court and provide tools to manage the challenges that come with being a student athlete. 

Female student athletes deal with constant stress and pressure in school, their sports and activities, and in their social lives. Personal development is the key to strengthening your confidence and self esteem in every area of your life. 

Compass College Advisory and 1st Alliance wanted to provide a safe space to share your ideas, experiences, and opinions. Together through the One Alliance program, will encourage you to express yourself more fully, think critically about your behavior and choices, and communicate more effectively. 

"I loved the program and I’m so glad I got to do them! I feel like I learned a lot of valuable life skills and in out of volleyball and I feel a lot less stressed when I’m on the court. Thanks so much!"
Kate H.
1st Alliance Athlete

The One Alliance Program is now accepting new participants.

Only a few spots are available at one time. 

How Does the One Alliance Program Work?

The One Alliance Program will consist of individual zoom meetings. There will also be an in person option for eligible applicants. 

We know how busy you are. We not only want this program to be impactful but convenient as well. 

The program will include a  detailed personality assessment provided by Compass College Advisory, and will cover the following topics:

  • Body Language and Attitude: The importance of body language, what positive and negative body language looks like, and why it is such a crucial part of the recruitment process. 

  • Stress and Burnout: Stress and burnout can manifest itself in many ways. The Alliance Huddle discusses the signs and symptoms of stress and what it feels like to face burnout and how to move forward. We will also brainstorm different ways to cope, and how they can help their teammates if they are having a hard time.  

  • Identity: Who are you besides a volleyball player? What are you personal goals and what kind of person do you want to embody on and off the court.  What do you value? 

  • Self Care: This is a very busy time in your life. School, volleyball, and a social life are all very time consuming. In these sessions we will discuss what self care is, why it’s important and how to ensure that our girls are taking the steps to make sure they make time to take care of themselves. 
"My meetings with Symone has helped me learn more about myself. She has taught me about managing stress, time, and given me many strategies to deal with them. I took time for myself, journaled, walked by myself to clear my head, and learned a ton. I learned how I personally react to different things like stress, burning out, and exhaustion. It was very important that she showed me these things about me and how to manage them otherwise I don't know if i'd still be up for playing this sport that I love so much today!"
Laney T.
1st Alliance Athlete
"The One Alliance program was a great program! It is something I would recommend to anyone. One of the focuses in the program was stress. By being talked through my stress it helped me how I can cope with it better and gain more of a different perspective on it. Symone was so nice and understanding and the program was ran really well!"
Jenny B.
1st Alliance Athlete

Is the One Alliance Program Right For You?

If you want to learn more about who you are as an individual within a community you can relate to and discover what you need to thrive, then yes this program is for you!
You will walk away with more confidence and resources to help you navigate the intense world of athletics. 

Who Teaches the One Alliance Program?

The One Alliance Program is created and led by Symone Speech.

Symone is the Executive Director and a College Counselor for Compass College Advisory. She is also a Head  16’s Coach at 1st Alliance.  

Symone graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in Psychology and Sociology and went on to play professional Volleyball in Italy and Germany for 3 years.

Her experience as a collegiate and a professional athlete has led her to Compass College Advisory. Compass College Advisory  is an independent consulting firm that helps teens and their parents find their dream school without over paying. They have helped our families save more than 30 million in scholarships and 95% of our clients have been accepted to their top choice school.

To learn more visit our home page. 

Compass College Advisory and 1st Alliance joined forces for this program because both recognize the struggles that student athletes face.


"Put mental health first because if you don't, then you're not going to enjoy your sport and you're not going to succeed as much as you want to."

- Simone Biles

How do I sign up for the One Alliance Program?

You have the option to sign up for individual sessions, or the 6 sessions bundle. 

Availability is limited to ensure each athlete gets adequate attention! 

All 6 Sessions

Individual Session