Dallas Chapter

Confidence in College Admissions for
Sophomore Girls

with Dr. Pamela Ellis, The Education Doctor®

Sunday March 27 at 3 pm CT

Attention Mothers and Daughters!

It’s hard being a teen, sometimes especially for our girls. And just as they are transitioning into high school, it’s suddenly time to make one of their biggest life decisions . . . .college.  s adolescence eating at your daughter’s confidence?

For girls in their sophomore year of high school, they have successfully transitioned through 9th grade and still figuring out who they are for themselves. It doesn’t help that “everyone” around them at school is talking about college, which raises their anxiety because they don’t have the “right” answers.

Moms, are you:

    • Feeling overwhelmed with how to help your daughter get ready for college?

    • Concerned that so much has changed in college admissions these last two years that you’re not confident in helping your daughter navigate the process ahead?
    • Starting to notice some tension at home when you talk with your daughter about college?

Junior year is the start of the college admissions process as we know it. But lately, nothing has been quite as we used to know it!

This interactive and engaging masterclass will address your your most pressing questions about the college admissions process. Your daughter is only a short year away from applying to the colleges of her dreams. But you realize that you can’t wait until the proverbial “perfect time” to prepare her with the life skills she will need to succeed when she leaves home.

During our time together, you will learn:

    • What’s happening in the college landscape that you must know
    • What to expect in the college admissions process that can support mothers and daughters to navigate with grace and ease
    • Confidence building tips for girls to navigate the college admission journey through junior year
    • How moms can build their daughter’s confidence through her college admissions journey

    • The #1 way to save on college costs so you don’t leave any money on the table

Please join us for this engaging masterclass and candid conversation about what you can do NOW to be confident in the college admissions journey!

About your Host and Teacher

Pamela Ellis, MBA, PhD—The Education Doctor®—helps teens find a college that feels like home and partners with parents to avoid over-paying. As an award-winning CEO and consultant, Dr. Pamela’s experience with the education system includes advising school districts, community organizations, and institutes of higher education.

As a result of her research into student transitions from high school to college—and evaluating the ways colleges successfully retain their student populations once admitted—she developed The Education Doctor® curriculum. 

She has visited more than 500 colleges and universities internationally to gain insight into their varying cultures and to explore the range of academic and social opportunities available to students on campus. Her research areas include high school to college transition, parent engagement, confidence in teen girls, African-American males in education, and college completion.

She is a highly sought-after speaker and author of the best-selling book What to Know Before They Go. In the first of this series, College Edition, coined “the how-to guide for the teen years”, Dr. Pamela shares actionable insights and tips to help school leaders, counselors, mentors and parents/caregivers support teens toward higher education success.  

Dr. Pamela graduated from Stanford University and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, and she earned a doctorate from the Stanford University School of Education.