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Tired of struggling to figure out college admissions on your own?

95% of our students have been accepted to their top-choice colleges and  received an average $75,000 in scholarships.

When you work with us, you save time, money and your family’s relationships. 

  • Parents who decide to work with Compass College Advisory value their time and the relationship with their teen.
  • Parents have saved up to 200 hours of their own time through working with us.

We all know that teens don’t always listen to their parents but teens do listen to our trust-worthy coaching.

We partner with parents to communicate consistent values that support teens with reaching their best potential.

Scholarships Earned By Our Students Since 2010

$23.5 Million

Dr. Pamela’s constant encouragement and advice helped guide me through my high school years!
Lauren H
Tufts University
Dr. Pamela was really a blessing to work with. She provided calm, organization and encouragement
Austin J
Princeton University
I found Dr. Pamela to be approachable, personable, humorous, encouraging, and direct. She goes above and beyond!
Gabby W
Harvard College
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Yes . . . there is an investment to enroll in our programs. However, what you gain and the benefits of working with us far exceed your investment. 

It will cost you far more to continue helping your teen on your own. 

Not only would you jeopardize learning about those best-fit colleges where your teen would thrive and be happy. You also lose valuable family time, and deal with a lot more stress at home (not to mention increased arguments and nagging . . . who wants that?).

If you are serious about working with us to help your teen get in and get money for college, please apply now to learn about our programs and discover if we’re a fit to help you achieve the educational vision for your teen.

These private advance trainings are 90 minutes. Parents and teens are required to attend together.

Can’t wait to meet your family!

At a time when the college selection process is extremely demanding and can be very stressful for everyone involved, it is refreshing to have a guide who knows the ropes and brings a personal touch to the process.
Carmen and Ira W
Proud Parents
I really enjoyed and benefited tremendously from working with Dr. Pamela. She has been a huge help to me as well as my parents along the way. Dr. Pamela was able to open our eyes to many different college options and working with her has been one of the best decisions that we have made.
Kennedy T
Tuskegee University
Dr. Pamela helped us navigate the overwhelming variety of choices for our two children by finding schools that fit their individual ambitions and learning styles. The investment was small compared to payback of having motivated students in the right learning environment!
Stasia and Chris S
Proud Parents

Let’s find the school where your teen can thrive.

Dr. Pamela has visited over 500 universities and colleges around the world. She is deeply in tune with the academic expectations, social opportunities, and culture for each university and is skilled to help you make the perfect match for your child.

If you’re ready to find the best fit for your teen’s educational needs, get in touch with Dr. Pamela today via email by clicking here.