College Admissions and Mental Health

Tuesday, September 5 at 8 PM EST

You Will Learn the Keys to a Stress-Free College Process…

  • The Mindset You Need to Decrease the Chances of Burnout and Stress
  • Why You Can Be Easily Fooled By the Tuition Price of a College
  • How to Choose the Right Colleges That Are A Good Fit For You!
  • The Easy Way to Get Scholarships
  • + Much More!

A Message From Your Presenter
⏤Miles Menafee

Are you a parent or student feeling overwhelmed by the college admissions process?

I can understand, I was in your exact shoes not too long ago. And for the last five years that I have been helping students with their college applications, I’ve seen how stressed both students and their parents can be about the whole process.

I’ve realized that much of this stress and anxiety comes from myths about college admissions and lack of clarity.

That’s why I’m excited for you to join me for this webinar on Tuesday.

I know this presentation will leave you feeling clear and confident about what you must do to position yourself or your teen for college admissions success.

See You Tuesday!

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