“The easy solution for students applying to college this fall!”

A virtual event to bring clarity and calm to writing the college application essay for juniors in the Class of 2024

With Dr. Pamela Ellis, The Education Doctor®

Virtual Event

July 19th 8:00 pm ET

If you have a current junior applying to college this fall…

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the college application essays your teen must write, especially given that you’re not sure that they even know THEIR compelling story that will ensure they get in and get money for college? 
  • Would you like to help your student feel empowered and supported with submitting their college applications?
  • Are you worried that there are things you  should be doing now to help your teen with their college applications but you’re not sure what or when?
  • Are you concerned that your teen is too far behind on doing what they’re supposed to do to get ready for college?
  • Is there tension/stress in your home whenever the word “college” comes up, i.e. you can confess that there’s been an argument (or two) with your teen about them getting ready for college?

Then, College Essays Made Easy is for you!

The entire college process is rough, but with the help and counsel of Dr. Ellis, I was able to feel confident during interviews, have a solid personal essay, and an organized resume.
Daisy B.
Middlebury College
Throughout my junior and senior year Dr. Pamela really helped me to navigate the college application process. I had no idea where to even start. When it came time for me to start the applications, Dr. Pamela really helped me tackle the many essays I had to write. She really is the greatest. I love you Dr. P!!!
Kennedy T
Tuskegee University
If not for Dr. Ellis, I would have been lost in a sea of information. Her help was incredibly useful and I do not know what I would have done without it. Thank you so much, Dr. Ellis!
Robbie W.
Vanderbilt University

What Is College Essays Made Easy?

A 60-minute online training
to bring Confidence and Calm
to Writing Essays that
Get in and Get Money™ for College

Virtual Event

July 19th 8:00 pm ET

Here’s what we will cover during our time together:

  •  #1 high impact way to jumpstart any application essay so that your teen is positioned to get in and get money for college
  • 5 key essay prompts that teens can start preparing NOW so they stay encouraged and make the most of the upcoming months before their first BIG deadline
  • 7 key questions your teen must ask to tell their story in an authentic and compelling way (I will share a simple-to-follow formula to take every part of their high school experience without overlooking any hidden gems that could reveal their story.)
  • How parents can best show up with supporting their teen’s success with essay writing, without hurting their admissions or scholarship chances
  • What the essay prompts say about your teen’s admissions chances (this will surprise you)
  • How to raise your teen’s confidence level so that self-doubt and self-sabotage disappear and self-awareness and self-celebration become the voice in every written word

We will fill in any gaps between where your teen is today with applications…and where they need to be to get theirs submitted ahead of the pack!

After your experience at COLLEGE ESSAYS MADE EASY, you will leave with:

  • A step-by-step roadmap of what to do and when to do it
  • Less stress over how your teen will showcase THEIR story when they apply
  • Less overwhelm and stress as your teen heads into their final year of  high school
  • Renewed confidence that once your teen is headed to college, that they had options for reaching their full potential.

Virtual Event

July 19th 8:00 pm ET

Is this event for your teen?

This virtual event College Essays Made Easy Is for your family if…

  • You are the parent of a college-bound junior and you know you want to get your teen to the best college for them
  • You value the relationship with your teen and don’t want to waste their final year at home arguing over college applications
  • You want to avoid the future regret of second guessing yourself on whether you are shortchanging your teen’s future success by not knowing how to help them
  • You can’t believe how fast the time has come to think about college and you’re overwhelmed because your checkbook isn’t ready
  • You don’t want to overpay for college, by leaving money on the table that your teen could have received if you had known ahead of time

Join other like-minded families and see the difference knowledge and planning will make now and in the future.

Topics We’ll Cover

Here’s what you’ll learn

Important deadlines you can’t miss

#1 essay strategy for selective colleges

How essays lead to more scholarship money

What is the #1 skill your teen needs for overcoming writing anxiety

Which major(s) makes sense for your teen

Virtual Event

July 19th 8:00 pm ET

Let’s face it…

There’s a lot of hype and frenzy around college admissions. You know it because you’re hearing it from other parents and family members. Your teen is also stressed because they hear all the talk among their friends about college. Do you notice how they turn away when family members are constantly asking them questions about college?

Questions, anxiety, uncertainty…those don’t have to be part of your teen’s journey towards college!

I get it . . . I’ve been there with you, as I’m a mom of 3!!

Your teen may expect you to know how to guide them, but how can you possibly know which of the 3,500 colleges out there that are the right fit for your teen. What’s even more worrisome is that it can easily cost your family over a quarter-million dollars to pay for college.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way…here’s the key:

You want your teen to reach their full potential. During your teen’s college admissions process, there will be times when you will want to and may even do the work for them. Your doing the work for your teen, however, can cost them getting in and even getting money for college.

Your teen owns this process.

That’s why this is a family event for parents and their teen to get on the same page. College Prep-alooza Live! Is for parents and teens. Through this event, you are accessing my 15+ years of experience in this field and leveraging the 500+ campuses I’ve visited on behalf of the hundreds of families that have benefited from my expertise.

This isn’t just another online training. It’s an opportunity to empower your teen towards the future they dream of.

I found Dr. Pamela to be approachable, personable, humorous, encouraging, and direct. She goes above and beyond!
Gabby W
Gabby W
Harvard College
Dr. Pamela helped us navigate the overwhelming variety of choices for our two children by finding schools that fit their individual ambitions and learning styles. The investment was small compared to payback of having motivated students in the right learning environment!
Stasia and Chris S
Stasia and Chris S
Proud Parents
When I first started the process I did not really know where to begin, but thankfully Dr. Ellis laid out a “roadmap” for me that had key due dates for apps and was my lifeline for getting all of my apps in on time.
Ben C
Ben C
Denison University

Virtual Event

July 19th 8:00 pm ET

Ok, now you have a choice to make.

There are really only two options

Option 1: Keep doing it on your own

Keep doing it on your own, nagging your teen…

…while they flounder and continue waiting on mom to do it for them.

If they end up in the “wrong” college that you chose for them, then not only will they regret this decision but will blame you for stunting their growth and freedom.   


Option 2: Enroll now

Enroll now for your teen to find the right colleges  and avoid future regret of them being in the wrong place.

You will get all the 500+ campus visits, almost 15 years of experience helping 95% of my students get into their top choice colleges, and receiving total scholarship awards over $26M, to partner with your family and bring peace of mind to your home.

Allow me to introduce myself…

Meet Dr. Pamela Ellis, The Education Doctor®

I’m Pamela Ellis, an award-winning educator and author who’s visited over 500 campuses.

After finishing my BA degree at Stanford, I earned an MBA from Dartmouth and received my PhD from the Stanford University School of Education. I’m a mom of three – two boys and a girl. My oldest attends Georgetown. My middle son attends Stanford and I have a daughter at Oberlin College, so I’ve been through this process with my own children along with hundreds of teens like yours.

Over the past five years, 95% of my students have been admitted to their top choice colleges and they’ve received an average of $75,000 in scholarships.

When you jumpstart your college experience with this event you will reduce anxiety, increase communication between you and your teen, foster the process of your student shifting into the next stage of their life and develop realistic expectations about college.

Still Undecided?

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