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Many schools are not equipped to facilitate a comprehensive and personalized college readiness plan for each of their students. In the larger, more populated school districts, some school counselors are tasked to work with upwards of five-hundred graduating seniors per class – a staggering number to accommodate.

Staff Development

The Education Doctor® offers training for your school’s counseling staff in how to adequately and efficiently provide college planning and success tools to such a volume of students. By empowering the advising staff, your school can reach out to its students and help them become more engaged, informed, and interested in their futures.

When selecting a college, often times parents and students overlook factors such as the quality of teachers, school specialty, cost and financial aid opportunities, graduation rates, school size, and national ranking. A successful college experience does, indeed depend on these aspects of university life. But one must not forget to consider city-life, weather, culture, size of campus, demographics, distance from family, campus size, extracurricular opportunities, and the general aesthetics of a college (just to name a few). The truth is, choosing a university demands more diligent research than most families and students are prepared to complete. Especially if they aren’t able to visit and tour each campus in question.

Family Engagement

Our primary goal in working with school counselors and advising staff is to empower the student. As experts in the field, we can provide your staff with shortcuts, information, college planning engagement exercises, and different tools that can be taught to student to utilize when selecting and applying to a college. In addition to college preparation info, we are well versed in financial aid matters, college employment opportunities, and managing social pressures.

The Education Doctor® for Schools offers the school a knowledge base of the current college climate. Dealing with everything from application guidelines and best practices to changes in the admissions process, we can provide in-depth and accurate knowledge regarding colleges throughout the nation (much of the information counselors would need to acquire on their own time).

Time is the most valuable resource for a school counselor in a large school setting. In order to properly instruct all of their students, they need to have direct and organized access to this kind of information. With no ties to any one institution, we can provide unbiased assistance in wading through the myriad of brochures, videos, websites, and guidebooks that students review. When working one-on-one with a family, we aim to learn what environment will best promote a student’s continued success, then utilize this knowledge to narrow down that 3,500 number [of colleges in the nation] we mentioned before. By working with your staff, we can instill a perspective and course of action that helps them direct their students in a similar fashion.

College Knowledge

We pride ourselves on extensive firsthand knowledge of programs/colleges, big and small, around the US. We spend time on the road – meeting with admission officers, touring, exploring, and evaluating campus environments. We are always adding to and updating our awareness of the contemporary college scene and we actively communicate with colleagues in other cities and stay current on educational research. We offer this insight to your school counselors and advising staff so that the student can find the home and school that is meant for them.



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