Laying the Groundwork for College Readiness in Middle School

“Our teen is in middle school. We are not certain about our high school options.”

This package escorts the middle-school applicant through the planning, admission, and application process, with a focus on selecting a best-fit high school (day or boarding) that will support them through their adolescent years. This package is designed to provide the teen with insight and advocacy that is more personalized beyond the viewbook or website of their prospective school. Our advice is anchored in current educational and adolescent research.

This package begins with separate consultations with the parents and the student and includes a series of meetings between the consultant and student during the course of the application and admissions process.

There are typically 10-12 scheduled meetings, and follow-up support in the first year of new school.

Bonus Features: We will also include our signature Essay Writing Program, summer program recommendations and resources, and customized solutions based on specific student and family needs.

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