Pouring the Foundation (Freshman)

“My teen is a freshman in high school. We know we should be doing something about college but we’re not sure of what.”


This package guides the freshman or sophomore student and their family through the college planning process with a specific focus on promoting discipline, readiness, and exploration. This package is designed to provide students with advice on college readiness and for developing a successful high school experience. Our advice is anchored in current adolescent and educational research.


This package begins with separate consultations with the parents and the student and includes a series of meetings, updates, and check-ins between the consultant and student during the course of the year. This annual, all-inclusive package typically starts at the beginning of the academic year and ends the following summer.


The services in this annual package include these modified phases of our curriculum:

  • Intake and needs assessment
  • List development for summer programs
  • Application and aid for summer programs

There are typically 5-8 meetings between the consultant and student and 2-3 updates for the parents during the year. This package also includes ongoing research, email, and telephone communication.


Bonus Features: We will also include our signature Essay Writing Program, summer program recommendations and resources, and customized solutions based on specific student and family needs.

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