College Planning & College Counseling Services for Families

Compass offers several ways for families to engage with our firm. Please read more about our annual, multi-year, and short-term support services below.

Creating your Future

“My teen is a sophomore/junior and has not started on anything related to college. Our school has offered one meeting this year, but we still have a lot of questions about where to start.”

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Special for Parents
Tips and insight to help
your Teen
get into their top
choice colleges.

Pouring the Foundation

“My teen is a freshman in high school. We know we should be doing something about college but we’re not sure of what.”


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Laying the Groundwork

“Our teen is in middle school. We are not certain about our high school options.”

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Short-term Services

  • Relocation Support and Problem Solving (Any age)

  • Advisory Session

  • SSAT Flex Test Administration



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Free Info Session

Schedule now and get a complimentary 40-minute informational to find your college that feels like home.

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