College Planning & College Counselor Tools

We bring quality College Planning training to your school counselor.

Compass Education Strategies has designed a program specifically for teachers and college access professionals that helps A) enhance their professional development and B) support college readiness and parental engagement through middle and high school years.

Our professional development curriculum, The Education Doctor® for Schools, is student-centered and based on adolescent, school transition, and college completion research that is continuously reinforced with ongoing site visits to college campuses and continued engagement in the field.

The program can be customized to fit district budget, school-wide goals, and/or a specific organizational profile.

Our core programming for middle and high schools includes these workshops:

  • The Road to College Begins Before You Know It /// * Sketching the Big Picture: Your Map to University
  • Middle School Matters: The role of academics and social involvement /// *Grades, Trades, & Resumés: Planning for Well-Roundedness
  • Successful Transitions To and From High School /// *Transitions: From Graduation to Orientation
  • What Colleges Want and What Your School Profile Says About You /// *Showcasing Your Skills: What Colleges Look For and Why
  • Family Engagement in College Admissions /// *Family Matters: Teaming Up for Success
  • Paying for College (regardless of family income) /// *Funding the Future: Keep Your Dreams Out of Debt

Our program can be delivered through a variety of methods:

  • Research and evaluation services, which may include survey administration, observation tools, and reporting methods
  • School-based events that deliver 60-90 minutes of content along with Q&A groups for teachers, college access professionals, and/or parents
  • Curriculum materials which include workbooks and tip sheets for later reference
  • Utilization and satisfaction reporting


  • Baltimore County Public Schools
  • Columbus City Schools
  • Ohio Department of Education
  • Springfield City Schools
  • Texas Education Agency


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