How our Employer-Sponsored Program Works

How our Employer-Sponsored Program Works

College Admissions Assistance & College Coach Sponsored Program

Our team of experienced counselors provides employees with current, thorough, and constructive support for obtaining the best educational outcomes for their children. Our insight is based on children/adolescent research and guided by our comprehensive curriculum. The program can be customized to fit employee’s budget, corporate goals, college options, and/or organizational profile.

Core Programming consists of the following topics:

  • School Success In Transition (families with relocating K -12th graders )
  • Middle School Matters (families with 3rd – 8th graders)
  • Thriving in High School (families with 9th and 10th graders)
  • Selecting and Visiting Colleges (families with 10th and 11th graders)
  • Applying to Get In! (families with 11th and 12th graders)
  • Paying for College (families with 9th – 12th graders)

Our program is delivered through a variety of methods:

  • Workplace events (i.e. “lunch and learn”) that deliver 60-90 minutes of content and Q&A in a group setting – includes registration
  • Live webinar series to reach dispersed staff – includes registration
  • Personalized advisory assistance through in-person meetings, phone, and on-line meetings
  • On-demand offerings, such as recorded videos, webinars, resource publications, and FAQs for employees to review at home with their families
  • Communications to employees about upcoming workplace events, webinars, and bonus monthly e-newsletter for parents focused on K-12 education and college admissions – includes production of materials
  • Utilization and satisfaction reporting

While providing an incentive to your employees, you are also providing them with a way to relieve some of their at-home stress. Transition at any phase of education can be a stressor that lingers in every facet of a family’s life. By addressing it in a direct and open forum, you are providing a service to your company, your employees, and their children.

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