College Admissions Assistance Coach & Employers' Goals in the Workplace

Do you have high-value employees who are stressing over sending their teen to college?

With our employer-sponsored programs, employers can increase productivity by turning their employee’s time-consuming education stress into employee engagement. Our program is also a way to help recruit and retain valued talent. The customized employer-sponsored program is specifically designed for your employees’ family college planning concern.

Many companies offer corporate-sponsored resources and programs for the young or the elderly, but very few target the teenage audience. At a crucial stage in life, teens and their parents must prepare for the college application and admissions process. When done right, this preparation is a long term event, filled with research, admissions material prep, and thoughtful consideration. But not every family has the time or the experience to prepare properly.

Sending a child to college can be a very stressful time in a parent’s life – especially those with a demanding career. Aside from financial concerns, the parent must ensure their teen is able to sustain themselves at every level of life. Can they do their own laundry? Can they cook? Will they clean? Will they make good decisions? Will they use their time productively?

At the heart of all our college planning services is an appreciation for home. We don’t just match a student with a school – we search for a home. A place where a teen can earn a degree in a safe, productive environment that they can call home.

Our employer-sponsored program seeks to place the responsibility for college preparation in the teen’s hands. Not only to free up the life of the busy adult, your worker, but to instill in the teen an expectation of their future. So that they can begin to grasp just how important the admissions process, their college career, and their time is worth. Attending college is a crucial part of life, one at which the child must embrace many of the responsibilities they depended on their parents for. With sessions for both the parents and the students, we can facilitate a more direct and aggressive college preparation that benefits life at work and at home.

Offer your employees, your fellow parents, a place of stability and structure in the college preparation process. So that you can attract and maintain the best employees and forge a community of informed, engaged parents.

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