5-Day Get the Money for College Challenge

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Anxious about future college bills?

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5-Day Get the Money for College Challenge

…and jumpstart your teen’s prospects of getting thousands of $$$ in scholarships to reach their college dreams without leaving any money on the table

January 22 - 26 with Dr. Pamela Ellis

Let’s face it, you already KNOW that you’re anxious about the anticipated college bill and the last thing you need is for me to tell you. But I’m going to tell you anyway…


You KNOW your family is waiting for senior year or some other “perfect” time to apply for scholarships. I’m here to tell you that when you wait until senior year, you have already missed thousands of dollars in scholarships.

You have an opportunity to join me for a powerful 5-day challenge that will boost the prospects of your teen getting scholarships for college.

Join me and you can stop worrying about telling your teen that you can’t afford for them to even consider the colleges of their dreams. 


5-Day Get the Money for College Challenge

The challenge is designed to help today’s parents make the powerful shift toward accelerating the prospects of their teen getting scholarships before it’s too late.

If there is ANYTHING in the way of your teen Getting Money for College this challenge will unearth it and bring it to the surface.

I have been where you are...

You may be positive that you are doing the right thing by putting money aside for college…

Yet looking around at rising tuition costs and seeing that your savings may still be short (especially if your teen has grad school in their future).

Now I have three children who attended Georgetown, Stanford and Oberlin.

When we were going through the college process, I had a tough decision to make – was I going to ignore the elephant in the room or was I going to rise up and do what I knew needed to be done?

I get it; it’s a tough choice. There’s some comfort in remaining the same but because I’ve been where you are, I know that instead of feeling comfort, you are feeling pain… 

  • Pain because you don’t want to keep your teen from reaching their highest potential
  • Pain because you know that talking with your teen about applying for scholarships will only start an argument
  • Pain because despite how hard your teen is working in school, they are still worried that it’s not enough
  • Pain because reading all the information online about colleges and paying for college drains you
  • Pain because you are overwhelmed with trying to lay out a plan for your teen when you know that preparing for college is nothing like it was when you went to college years ago
  • Pain because even though your teen is in the best school (and you’re paying for it through taxes or tuition) you know that school is not answering the questions you have because they have other families with more pressing concerns

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But, I got you.
This is the EXACT reason for the GET THE MONEY FOR COLLEGE Challenge…

I have put my heart and soul into this challenge because I have been at the crossroad of “will your child be good enough” and “yearning for more for your child” ” when it came to helping my clients with getting money for college even when they had higher incomes and assets.

And it wasn’t until I got INTENTIONAL in my practice with families that I started to see students receive consistent scholarship dollars regardless of their grades or circumstances.

Let me help you turn your pain into potential to

Join us for the

5-Day Get Money For College Challenge


  • You KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that your teen is meant for more scholarships despite the fact that you don’t know the path to even make sure it’s possible.
  • In being honest, you can admit some fear, limiting belief and self-sabotage that has been messing with your teen’s potential (and “success”) all year.
  • You are secretly frustrated because others seem to be winning all around you but somehow your teen seems to be missing out.
  • You are clear that you can help your teen have a less bumpy path than you did in college and beyond
  • You are fully committed to doing WHATEVER it takes to let your teen have the opportunity to join with you so that they enjoy the feeling of owning and creating their future prospects.
  • You know your teen can’t THRIVE IN LIFE when they lack the life skills they need to be successful, like independence and self-advocacy
  • You want to have some fun with like-minded people who, like you, are ready to GET THE MONEY FOR COLLEGE with their teen!!!

Here’s how it will work:

The challenge begins Sunday, January 22. It culminates with a live master class with me on Thursday, January 26 at 9:30 pm ET/6:30 pm PT.

I’m going to spend these days preparing you to cross over into GET THE MONEY FOR COLLEGE!!

Each day, you’ll get a challenge video message, activity, and assignment to get clear on the right, meaningful actions to take. I realize that you may be doing double-duty with balancing career and remote learning for your teen, so this challenge is designed to be quick and easy!

During the challenge, we’ll use my Facebook group, Get the Money for College Challenge, as our headquarters and there will be daily prompts to complete the challenge and share your big aha’s.

Opportunities to Find Money that you would Never find on your Own!!!!

What I love about this challenge is that although the school year has already started, you’ll be clear on the path forward so that you are not leaving the prospects of paying for college to chance.

And, you get to do it with an award-winning college advisor and a community of like-minded parents ready to make sure their teen is on track to receive thousands in scholarships.

About your Host and Teacher

Pamela Ellis, MBA, PhD—The Education Doctor®—has helped hundreds of young people find and be admitted to best-fit colleges so their parents save time and avoid over-paying. As an award-winning CEO and consultant, Dr. Pamela’s experience with the education system includes advising school districts, community organizations, and institutes of higher education.

As a result of her research into student transitions from high school to college—and evaluating the ways colleges successfully retain their student populations once admitted—she developed The Education Doctor® curriculum. 

She has visited more than 500 colleges and universities internationally to gain insight into their varying cultures and to explore the range of academic and social opportunities available to students on campus. Her research areas include high school to college transition, parent engagement, African-American males in education, and college completion.

She is a highly sought-after speaker and author of the best-selling book What to Know Before They Go. In the first of this series, College Edition, coined “the how-to guide for the teen years”, Dr. Pamela shares actionable insights and tips to help school leaders, counselors, mentors and parents/caregivers support teens toward higher education success.  

Dr. Pamela graduated from Stanford University and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, and she earned a doctorate from the Stanford University School of Education.