Spring is a great time for high school juniors to visit college campuses. Many colleges offer special events for juniors to preview their campuses and learn more about college life. Here are several upcoming events:

  • Kenyon College Thumbs-Up (2 days)

Prior to your campus visit, students should review the college’s website and prepare questions to ask during the visit. (Note to parents: Please let your student schedule the visit, not you!) On the day of the visit, remember to take notes and have an open mind and good attitude throughout. From the moment you arrive on campus, you’re being interviewed.

Many parents have asked me whether 9th and 10th graders should visit colleges as well. The age-old response is “it depends.” There are a number of colleges that have special events for sophomores, fewer that offer events for freshmen. If your teen is ready and has a good attitude about it, then it’s OK for them to visit colleges in those early high school years. I would, however, encourage you to limit the visits that you do during freshman and sophomores years to avoid burnout.

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